Schedule tasks - Send emails

2 months ago
Emails are not sent unless I run "Admin> Schedule tasks> Send emails> [Run now]". I did research but I couldn't find the solution. So I want to do this on the C# code side. I want to write a button click method automatically every minute. How can I automatically run the Run button by C # code?    (No error in log file)
2 months ago
nurbusesen wrote:
How can I automatically run the Run button by C # code?


Now come to the original point. Schedule task does not run automatically due to 2 reasons. First one is wrong store configuration and second one is system error.

As you mentioned that there is no error in log, then problem should be store configuration. To check that, go to Admin dashboard Configuration > Stores > Store edit. Here make sure that your site url is exactly same as store url.
2 months ago
Hi again. I found at least the solution of my problem . Until now, I always installed nopcommerce in local and then moved it to database. Then, instead of moving, I installed and tried a new database directly on the server. My problem is solved. I still don't understand why.