Why does Nopcommerce look like this on my WAMP localserver?

1 month ago
Picture can be found at the following link https://ibb.co/rGVrMdf

After finally figuring out how to configure WAMP and iron out some other issues I was having, I'm confused as to why when I go to the folder I declared as my virtual host, I'm presented with the above stuff. (See image for more info)

I was expecting to see some sort of front end E-commerce platform. Aside from me being an idiot and very inexperienced, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.
1 month ago
That looks like the source code.  You'll need to build the solution in Visual Studio to get compiled code that a webserver can serve.  Check the installation guide:  https://docs.nopcommerce.com/user-guide/installing/installation-guide/index.html

Not sure if WAMP can work as it sounds like it's geared toward MySQL and PHP, so if your server OS is a Windows environment you will probably be better off using IIS and SQL Server.
1 month ago
Thanks for your reply.

Okay, so just building the solution now.
What do I do once it's 'built'?

What program should I install to act as a virtual server, so I can see what Nopcommerce looks like, as my first port of call.
1 month ago
So is SQL server a virtual server program?
1 month ago
SQL server  is a database as like mysql and oracle.  I assume it will be good to read the system requirements from

If you want to use mysql as the database and os linux then you need to do some extra work and code change.

There is a old repo https://github.com/lanfengqi/nopcommerce-mysql for mysql(nopCommerce Version 4.0) for new solution you need to implement the related change at your solution.