Content Management/Topics: System Name is empty when creating new topic block.

1 month ago
Hello guys,
I'm not sure what I am missing but I navigated to:

Admin > Content management > Topics(pages) > Clicked Add New

Filled out the form and hit 'Save", but once it redirected me back to the Topics(page) list the system name is empty. Do you guys know what I need to do to have this name fill out?

1 month ago
When you add a new topic it will not be automatically displayed anywhere - you need to customise to add the display.
So you need to enter a system name that will be used when displaying the topic
For instance on the home page there is the display of the topic with systemName = HomePageText
See nop4.1\Presentation\Nop.Web\Views\Home\Index.cshtml
@await Component.InvokeAsync("TopicBlock", new { systemName = "HomePageText" })
HomePageText is the System name that is entered

So you make a new topic with systemName = "YourNewTopic" and use the code
@await Component.InvokeAsync("TopicBlock", new { systemName = "YourNewTopic" })
to display it on a page
1 month ago
You can enter it, but you must be in the Advanced mode (toggle in upper left) to see the field.
1 month ago
Wow! i didnt know that was a toggle hahaah thank you! New York, also Thank you Yidna going to use that information to help customize my theme.