Create Additional Admin Account

9 years ago
Is there a way to create more admin accounts in NopCommerce?

9 years ago
Go to admin area > Customers > Manage Customers. Ensure that 'Is administrator' is checked while adding/editing a customer account
9 years ago
Why a customer would be an Admin?
For example the [email protected] is not an Customer account...
I want similar account with different userid and pwd.
9 years ago
[email protected] is an Customer account
9 years ago
Got it. Thanks.

I have also seen that there are 4 different roles while setting up a customer. Can u tell me how they are differnt from each other?
9 years ago
There's no any difference. It's just a sample data. These roles don't make any sense until you want to configure ACL, discounts/prices per customer role, etc
1 year ago

Ok so i have been having this problem as well, and after creating a new admin with my gmail i was locked out of my admin.
I did not change the password just the email, the site will accept my email but not any password i try, The forgot password function is not working, as no reset password email is ever sent to my gmail account.
I have tried working out how to fix this via the database but i don't have a clue what i am doing.

It is very frustrating as it seems there is no way to create a secure login with my gmail account to admin as i am forced to use the default admin account details, that is really not very secure at all.

Please how can i create a new admin login without being locked out, and then delete the default account details and still be able to log into the admin.

Apart from this one login problem i have nopCommerce is awesome and has loads of cool features.

Any help would be amazing Thank you
1 year ago
See this post about using SQL to give a user Admin access (by giving them the Admin role)
1 year ago
Thank you