Canadian Multiple Tax Plugin

Canadian Multiple Tax Plugin
This plugin as “Tax By Country & State & Zip & With Multiple Tax” enables you to configure multiple tax rates to be applied to either of the Tax categories you have added, for products in the same cart. This can also be configured specific to a country or state, or will be applicable to all states or countries if none is specified
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Supported versions: 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10
Created: November 06,2018
Last updated: November 07,2018

To explain the functionality of the plugin, we are taking an example as below:

Suppose, we have three taxes to be applied to a particular tax category:

TPS (5%)
TVQ (7.5%)
Additonal Tax (5%)

Sub Total in the cart is 100
Then the price calculation shall be as follows:

Sub Total 100
TVQ 7.88
Additional Tax 5.64

Total Amount 118.52


Please refer the steps below to configure and check:

1. Login to the admin panel. You can then go to Configuration -> Plugins -> Local Plugins. A list of plugins shall appear. Scroll to the bottom and you will find 'Tax By Country & State & Zip & With Multiple Tax '. Click on 'Configure' here.

2. Here, you can set the multiple values for tax for the same country and state.

3. Once you click on 'Add Tax rate', this gets added in a table format with all values you have entered.

4. The next step is to set this Tax plugin as the primary tax provider. For this, you need to go to Configuration -> Tax -> Tax Providers. Click on 'Mark as Primary Provider' against 'Tax By Country & State & Zip & With Multiple Tax'

5. The settings are all done now, and we need to test it on the front end. You can add a product fro Books category, for eg, in the cart, and enter the Billing and Shipping address for Canada - Alberta (for which you have added multiple tax).

6. Once you get through all the steps and reach at Confirm Order, the last step, you shall see the tax values calculated as per the different slabs entered.