Commerce coupon batch plugin

Commerce coupon batch plugin
Mass generation of coupons that allows you to create automatically hundreds of coupon codes and then export them to an excel file.
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Supported versions: 3.90 , 4.00
Created: July 18,2016
Last updated: August 24,2018

1. This plugin is open source. The download zip file includes both distribution package and source code folder.

2. According to your version, pick the proper NopPro.Admin.BulkCreateCouponCodes folder from Dist folder and then upload it to your site.

3. After installing the plugin, you will see a menu item called "Bulk Create Coupon Codes" under the Promotion menu in the left side navigation bar. Click on the menu item, proceed to the "Bulk Create Coupon Codes" page. Please note that you should have "Manage Discounts" permission, otherwise you won't see the menu. The administrator can edit the permissions for roles in the ACL page in admin area.

4. To correctly use the plugin, please follow the steps below:
Step One. Go to the "Discounts" management page to create a template discount. later we will use it as a template to create a batch of discounts with random coupon codes.
Step Two. Go to the "Bulk Create Coupon Codes" page, enter the coupon code or discount name which you created at the step one and enter an positive integer into the quantity field. After that, click on the "Create and Export Now!" button.

5. Notes:
1. The plugin don't support any "Discount Requirement", that means the newly created the discounts will not include any "Discount requirements".
2. The coupon code is six-characters in length including uppercase letters and numbers. The coupon code looks like "006W7S"
3. This plugin supports NOP3.80, NOP3.90 and 4.00. If you want other versions, you can email me or request a quote online.
4. It's open source, you are free to custom it as you need.