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Pressxchange, online marketplace for buying used graphic equipment

Statistics #1 65% TOP search engine ranking
Statistics #2 176,000 registered users
Statistics #3 43,000 site visits per month is one of the World's Largest Online Marketplaces for graphic equipment and services, helping over 170,000 users in 180 countries find equipment, supplies and services for their printing and packaging business.


Pressxchange has been in business for more than 16 years and the online marketplace was the backbone of their business and source of revenue. Their marketplace was built long back in ColdFusion platform and was in need of major overhauling for improved design, functionality and stability. In addition to porting the marketplace to a better technology platform, there was a long wish-list of enhancements and new requirements. While understanding the client requirements, Tmotions also sensed their expectations related to mobile friendly design, SEO ranking, scalability, usability, performance and maintainability.

  • Responsive and mobile friendly design
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency
  • Data interchange via API
  • Online subscriptions
  • eCommerce functionality for B2C type of customers
  • Alerts, reports and messaging service
  • Custom-made Admin module
  • Complex business model and workflows
  • Custom-made widgets for product upload
  • Multi-level statistics
  • Separate modules for product valuation, product wanted and Auctions listing


Although it was not a typical eCommerce application, Tmotions rebuilt the marketplace on the available latest version of nopCommerce because of the years of experience in delivering a variety of nopCommerce based projects and in-depth knowledge of its architecture.

Instead of going with a big-bang approach, they decided to build the project using Agile methodology, so that they could gather and timely incorporate the inputs and feedback from the client.

The main challenges were to deliver the project in budget constraints and timeline expectations. Microsoft technology stack was preferred by the client, hence nopCommerce was the right choice of platform.

Tmotions started with writing the Use Cases, constructing wireframes and screen mock-ups. That gave enough specification summary to do the gap analysis between the required functionality and the features available in core nopCommerce. The need of developing additional plugins and modules for the functionality that was not catered by standard nopCommerce architecture was identified.

Using multi-vendor, multi-product architecture of nopCommerce helped to configure an eCommerce platform for a marketplace portal. Using product category structure and Specification attributes on nopCommerce helped successfully build the complex taxonomy for the client.

The client also wanted to use this application as an interoperability gateway for their dealer network. Using SOAP/XML based API services, Tmotions helped the client to connect their customers to this gateway.

The major work was involved in the rework of the Specification Attributes, denormalising database relationships, converting some of the stored procedures to XML based transactions and using flat tables to improve the performance significantly.


The client derived the following business benefits:

  • Better customer service due to the various services offered by the portal
  • Ease of interaction and improved user experience
  • Streamlined operational procedure and process flow
  • Significant improvement in search in ranking. The client appears on the top of search engine ranking on over 65% of the most popular categories of their business
  • The number of listed products increased by 50%
  • Number of advertisers increased by 18%
  • pressXchange now receives over 43,000 visits per month with 220,000 pageviews
  • Over 176,000 people have now registered on pressXchange since 2000, making them one of the biggest print communities on the globe

Tmotions is nopCommerce Gold partner, a software development company based in London (UK), specializing in enterprise solutions for B2B and B2C customers.

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