Case study title TOP-3 marketplace in Bangladesh

Statistics #1 TOP-3 site in Bangladesh
Statistics #2 90 days for the site creation and implementation
Statistics #3 30 000 registered customers is a successful eCommerce project built by Brain Station-23, software company. From the small startup became one of the most powerful eCommerce sites in Bangladesh.


To pick an open source eCommerce platform to build:

  • TOP-marketplace in Bangladesh
  • High performing mobile application
  • Integrations for comprehensive eCommerce solution (customer service, logistics & delivery)
  • Admin area customization
  • Vendor extended functionality


nopCommerce was chosen as a platform the store based on:

  • Robust platform
  • Easily to build and customizable plugins
  • A lot of out-of-the-box marketing tools like email campaigns, discounts, gift cards etc included
  • based means more qualified developers and, by default, it starts running faster

nopStation built several plugins and applications created for extending nopCommerce functionality:

  • Mobile app
  • Bulk product edit plugin on top of nopCommerce bulk product edit, with additional fields
  • Extended order list of nopCommerce with more options
  • Live notification for showing when a product is bought, like
  • Vendor extension plugin, for uploading product, seeing orders, following vendors etc.
  • Email marketing plugin, for advanced email marketing and scheduling email sending
  • Plugin for finding order quickly (for customer service staff)
  • Plugin for bulk order printing for delivery
  • Plugin for updating quantity quickly and easily (online-store)


  • TOP #3 competing with 200+ sites
  • Sold to a group of companies 3 years later
  • First nopCommerce app for iOS and Android
  • Several free of charge plugins were released for the benefit of nopCommerce community

nopStation is a Brain Station 23 Ltd company with dedicated nopCommerce team, providing all types of nopCommerce solution (both web and mobile).