Dapper Repository Plugin

Dapper Repository Plugin
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the plugin of dapper for nop
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Supported versions: 4.20
Created: October 07,2019
Last updated: December 31,2019
  1. A plugin that implements the dapper repository
  2. It can use two or more databases of the same type at the same time (for example, two mssql or two mysql)
  3. It can also support two different or more types of databases (such as mssql and mysql)
  4. It even supports multiple combinations of databases of the same type and different types
  5. If you want to use the mysql or oracle database and don't want to change the ef repository that comes with nop, you can use this plugin to migrate it
  6. The introduction of Video:YouTube or bilibili
  7. This is my demo site:
  8. for my country(China) : https://nop.poetrysharing.com
  9. for others: https://nop42.coolwecool.com
  10. Here i only display the number of users online,you can add any module you want.
tarekmahran 10/13/2019 4:54 AM
Amazing Plugin for performance

Could you provide me with a trial version for nop 4.2.

email: [email protected]

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