Delivery scheduling

Delivery scheduling
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Delivery scheduling is a plugin which allows customers to choose the date and time of their shipment delivering, along with the shipping method.
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Unterstützte Versionen: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
Erstellt: September 03,2018
Zuletzt aktualisiert: April 18,2023


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Delivery scheduling is a plugin which allows customers to choose the date and time of their shipment delivering, along with the shipping method. In this plugin, available time ranges for delivering in a day should be defined by the administrator. Then, maximum capacity for every single defined time range of every weekday should be entered. Also, adding exceptions for defined capacities of a day is available.


Administration area



In setting page, the following are customizable:

  • Enable – tick the Enable check box to enable the plugin.
  • Number of display days – This filed specifies the number of available days that customers are able to choose.

For example, if the value of this field is “7”, customers are able to choose only from 7 upcoming days (between the first available day to 7 days later).

    • Start display days offset – This filed specifies the interval between the customer's order day and the first day which customers can select.

For example, if the value of this field is “3”, customers that are submitting an order on 2019/01/01, the first available delivery day for them will be 2019/01/04.

  • Also, you can choose the shipping methods which you want to enable the plugin for them. Some of the methods may not have the possibility of being scheduled by the store owner and should be disabled.

Manage delivery time ranges (per store)

In this page, available time ranges for delivering should be defined.

Hours and time ranges are string data (not numerical data). So, no validation is set on them and customizing them according to every language is possible. Validation must be done by administrator.

For example, administrator can define these ranges:

  • 9 AM to 1 PM
  • 2PM to 8PM

After defining available time ranges, administrator must confirm them by clicking on confirm delivery time ranges button.

If the available time ranges aren’t confirmed, they won’t be shown in store. After confirmation, editing the ranges is not possible. Administrator may only delete them. If primary time ranges are deleted and other data is entered, the secondary data will be available for customers in the shop.

Note: time ranges are defined per store. It means for defining a time range, at first store must be selected. This is useful for multi-store systems to have specified ranges for every store.


Manage delivery date time capacities (per store)

In this page, administrator is able to define capacities for pre-defined time ranges of every week day (per shipping method).

The first step to define daily capacities is to select a shipping method. Each shipping method has a table of capacities, based on week days and pre-defined time rages. Primary values of this table are 0 and administrator is able to enter ideal capacities.

For example, if 3 time ranges have been defined, then the table would look like this:

#Time range 1Time range 2Time range 3

If administrator define the capacity of “6” for “time range 2” on Monday, then the capacity for every Monday at “time range 2” will be “6”.

A link has been provided to generate an export, based on real dates, time ranges and remaining capacities of upcoming days.


Manage exception days

In this page, administrator is able to define exceptions for special days. In order to define an exception, the fields of info and time table tabs should be filled and saved.

Info tab

  • Title – enter the name of special day or occasion. Filling this filed, which is shown only in administrator area, is optional.
  • Date – enter the date. On this day, the capacity is going to be different than other days.

Changes must be saved to be able to enter data for time table tab.

Time table tab

In order to define ideal capacity:

  • Select a shipping method.
  • Define appropriate capacity for every defined time range of the day.
  • Save the page.

Note: capacities for exception days have more priority than ordinary capacities. For example, if the capacity for time range 2 on Mondays is 6 and an exception for 2019/12/24 (Monday) and time range 2 with capacity of 0 is entered, then customers aren’t able to select it.

Also, a link has been provided to generate an exports, according to real dates, time ranges and remaining capacities of upcoming days, based on primary capacities and considering the effect of exception dates and calculation of the number of submitted orders for defined capacities.


Order delivery date times list

In this page, submitted orders with their delivery time are listed. This list can be sorted according to time and shipping method.

Note: If delivery scheduling plugin is installed, a tab will be added to the order details page which represent the selected delivery range by customers.


In the plugin installation process, the value of “BypassShippingMethodSelectionIfOnlyOne” should be set as “false” in settings. For proper functioning of this plugin in special occasions, this value shouldn’t change.

In nopCommerce, dedicated delivery time ranges are definable for every product. This feature is not related to delivery scheduling plugin and checking contradiction in case of using both of them. Should be done by administrator.

Customer area (shop)

In purchasing process, customers are able to select time (day and time range) for their ideal shipping method. By selecting the delivery time and proceeding to the next level of the purchasing process, data will be saved. Customers will be able to check the details in order details page.

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faalha 15.02.2020 11:22
it's awesome
delivery-scheduling is very useful plugin.
it's awesome.
and the support team help me to reach my needs

actually the support team help me more than my expectations.

Thank you so much.
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helpful features
Tons of helpful features
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ease of implementation
Our team is very impressed with the ease of implementation and configuration.
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useful plugin
useful plugin
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Nice Plugin
thanks for delivery scheduling plugin. that was really  handy and useful. I would rather to know that when you are going to release the version 3.6?
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Thanks for the review
unfortunately, we don't have any plan for version 3.6, but if we get more requests we will release this version too.