Demo Link

Demo Link
Demo link is a plugin which gives widget functionality to nopCommerce product page by displaying Demo button on Digital Products which can be downloaded . By clicking this Demo button one can checkout the live demo of product .
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Unterstützte Versionen: 4.30
Erstellt: Januar 13,2020
Zuletzt aktualisiert: August 13,2021

The widget is helpful when you want to show your prospective customer live demo of your product/Digitally downloadable product.

Suppose you are selling HTML5 templates on your nopCommerce powered ecommerce portal/shop. In order to make a better understanding in the mind of customer as in how actually the template look and feel, you have to provide live demo of it. Only Images of HTML5 templates won’t give proper idea to your customers and you will lose some of them. In this situation our widget extension helps you by letting you define Demo Link URL on each and every digitally downloadable products.


How to Process

  1. Open administration panel of store.
  2. Add a Digital Downloadable Product to your store
  3. Now you have the product for which you want to add a demo link. Open the configuration -> Widgets
  4. Click configure in front of Demo Link
  5. Now configure page of Demo Link as shown. Select the Categories->Product ( for which you want to add Demo Link )
  6. Now this Demo URL Textbox shows the already added URL if any or you can insert/type in new to add by clicking Save Button.
  7. Only Products which are downloadable will be shown in configuration page of Demo Link Widget.
  8. Now you can go to public store page of the product for which you have saved/added Demo URL.


  • Add/Modify/Remove Demo Link URL for any product
  • Change Color of Demo Link Button
  • Change Text of Demo Link Button
  • Demo Link can be set for Downloadable products
  • Data for this extension remains in database even if you by mistake remove this plugin from your store. Hence, easy retrieval for the data is possible.