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Open Software is one of the world’s most respected experts in digital commerce based on nopCommerce platform.

As a full-stack omnichannel agency, they deliver strategy, design, development and managed services to brands, retailers and manufacturers all over the world.

Their great emphasis, extensive experience and deep expertise within B2B, B2C, Product Information Management, Order Management and ERP/CRM integrations makes them a key solution partner for driving success in digital commerce.

Their over 10 years track record of technical excellence coupled with their devotion to helping their clients succeed with business development, all round digital strategy and customer experience design is proudly demonstrated in their day zero status as a nopCommerce Gold Partner.

Installation und Ersteinrichtung, Entwicklung und kundenspezifische Anpassung, Web-Design, Integration von Drittanbietern, Verbesserung der Benutzerfreundlichkeit, Branding, SEO, Content Erstellung, Marketing-Automatisierung, Technischer Support und Beratung, Sicherheit
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Zertifizierte Entwickler
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Open Software all round services

Our eCommerce services are tailored to every aspect of making your digital business succeed. From the smallest idea to a seamless global B2B and B2C solution, any project comes with your eCommerce success in mind.

Strategy and Consulting

We will help you to develop a business strategy based on market conditions, your business opportunities and stakeholder requirements. The success of the strategy largely depends on its implementation. This is why Open Software concentrates on helping you practically realize your strategic plans. Our team has extensive experience in rendering strategic consulting services in various industries.


Our architects and engineers work directly with our client teams to understand how technology can improve online experiences and sales. We offer our clients proactive site monitoring and support around the clock with a single point of contact to answer any queries and ensure code releases streamlined. We ensure that our client's platforms are scalable, by adding the latest payment tool or using chat bots to improve customer service.

Migration & Upgrade

You can rely on us to keep your nopCommerce up to date or to migrate from other systems. We are your eCommerce partner on this journey providing you complete support and consultancy right from pre-migration to post–migration.

Managed Hosting

Every e-business pursues unique infrastructure requirements to render highest grade of operational readiness, and that's why we deliver bespoke hosting solutions along with a culminated broad array of service level. Our model is built to adjust according to business needs quickly and efficiently and because everything we do is tailored as a part of fully managed hosting services for nopCommerce based systems, we truly are the e-commerce infrastructure experts. We can arrange any level of service to better suite your business needs.

Custom Integrations

Open Software develops custom backend integrations to create an automated workflow with your CRM or ERP as well business, supply chain, and fulfillment systems. We make sure your transition to include an e-commerce platform runs smoothly with your current systems and internal operations reducing manual processes for simpler administration and improving customer-facing experiences.

Custom Development

Implementing functionality like payment modules, external system integrations or allowing shoppers to customize their own products often requires custom development specific to your unique business. Open Software knows which platforms work best for your business requirements, what comes “out the box” and when a custom build is the right choice. When it is the right choice, our engineers will develop a best of breed custom solution for maximum ROI and ROS.

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