Integrate nopCommerce with one of the largest Scandinavian payment providers QuickPay.
Angebot anfordern Diese Integration ist noch nicht entwickelt, aber unsere Solution-Partner sind bereit, sie für Sie zu entwickeln. NopCommerce Partner verfügen über große Erfahrung im gesamten Spektrum der Webentwicklung, deren Kompetenz das nopCommerce Team unter Beweis stellt.

QuickPay's mission is quite simply to create the best possible payment service. The philosophy is less is more - the simplest solution is almost always the best. The goals are defined by, and measured against, three words that are imprinted in the back of our minds: Secure, Reliable, Dynamic.

QuickPay was launched in December 2004, and started out more as a technical challenge than a polished business case.

Today, as we service more than 30.000 customers and process more than 3.000.000 payments each month, we are still driven by the technical challenges.

The QuickPay team is a group of highly skilled and dedicated individuals that thrive on both solving problems and exploring uncharted territories.