Smart Product Rating by nopStation

Smart Product Rating by nopStation
Smart product rating plugin allows to show user ratings and reviews for your e-commerce sites by displaying them using a short code on product details page.
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Unterstützte Versionen: 4.40, 4.50, 4.70
Erstellt: Juni 10,2021
Zuletzt aktualisiert: Juni 03,2024

Product ratings are an essential customer feedback tool for any online store or business. Displaying product ratings on your storefront lets you get feedback and provides valuable product information to customers while creating an organic marketing metric for your well-performing products.

Smart product ratings plugin for nopCommerce

If you want to enable robust product rating support on your nopCommerce-based online store, then nopStation is here with its Smart Product Rating plugin. This terrific nopCommerce plugin lets you configure and set up product rating functionality in just a few simple clicks. This plugin shows an aggregate rating score on the product details page and the overview page based on customer reviews and ratings. With its responsive design and customizability, it adds an intuitive review experience for customers, letting them provide feedback quickly while also helping them make informed purchase decisions.

  • The UI shows a total percentage based on all the reviews
  • The minimalistic design allows for cross-theme compatibility
  • Enhances the product details page
  • Customers are given a significantly more intuitive review experience, which aids them in researching and purchasing your products
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Multi-Store supported
  • Easy to install and configure

Enhance your online store’s customer rating experience with nopStation’s Smart Product Ratings plugin for nopCommerce. Please take look at one of nopStation's other UX enhancement plugins, Product Tab plugin as well.

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