Smartlook Analyzer by nopStation

Smartlook Analyzer by nopStation
Smartlook is the missing puzzle piece in analyzing user behavior. Get real qualitative insights that help you improve your nopCommerce site.
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Unterstützte Versionen: 4.40, 4.50, 4.70
Erstellt: November 11,2021
Zuletzt aktualisiert: Juni 03,2024

Smartlook is a popular analytics tool that provides dynamic tracking features to various online companies of different sizes and needs. Having support for Smartlook can help your business track user data more effectively.

Smartlook analytics can help gain valuable customer insights and manage consumer stats efficiently. If you want to enable Smartlook’s tracking and analytics features on your online store powered by nopCommerce, then nopStation is here with its Smartlook Analyzer plugin. This tracking and analytics plugin for nopCommerce, lets you quickly set up Smartlook tracking features for your online business. This plugin has advanced tracking and analytics features such as recorded user journeys, event tracking, heat maps, and filtered recordings. This plugin lets you see statistics for quick insights and data points.

  • Look up people who visited a specific URL, came from a certain city or on a device
  • Always-on recording to record every user
  • With visitor journey, you know when users come back and see what they did during those sessions
  • Use Smartlook API to identify users and look up customer replays by their name or email
  • Heatmaps from retroactive data
  • Events can be used to filter recordings
  • Event statistics & event breakdown
  • See statistics retroactively
  • Multi-Store supported
  • Collect tracking code or project id from here
  • Go to admin area > configuration > local plugins

Add Smartlook Analyzer support for your online store built with nopCommerce with nopStation’s Smart look Analyzer plugin. Please have a look at one of nopStation’s other class-leading Analytics plugins, Amazon Personalize

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