As the first nopCommerce solution partners in Russia, Dev Partner has many years of experience in web development. The company was formed from a core group of experienced web developers and project managers who are experts at making web-based data applications. Dev Partner has been an early adopter of Microsoft .NET technology, which has decreased development time while making stronger, faster applications. Dev Partner is a full-service company that provides web strategy, design and development expertise. NopCommerce architecture, implementation and consulting are at the core of the company’s focus.

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nopCommerce Optimization Problem – nopCommerce with big amount of products has some speed issues. To make site faster we have some optimization options
We provide our customer with our search engine plugin based on apache solr (or any other search engine), that has stored indexes of selected instances – reasonably improves search speed
Also we are using pure ADO.NET instead of EntityFramework in our Sync plugin which gives query speed increase, that causes better performance, bulkcopy for big data import improves performance in thousand times.

Data Management Problem – nopCommerce has import and export only for standard variants with strict structure.
What we do:
Custom Excel import – we will map excel columns to products, categories, manufacturers, specification attributes, etc
Custom Database to Database import – useful for site migration from another e-commerce CRM
ERP integration – integrate nopCommerce with your ERP for better automatization
Web-Parsers to Database – Parse a web-site data to your nopCommerce Database.
Migration from other shopping carts - We convert your existing e-commerce or non-ecommerce site to a fully functional NopCommerce store.
Usually we cover those cases by writing extension on our Sync plugin. It helps to speed up development process.

User Interface Solutions nopCommerce themes
Problem – unique design for e-commerce site is required
Solution: We developed multiple themes for the customer’s design. Themes can be multilingual and include features from plugins. Our last theme is Unify that has a lot of snippets
Problem – standard nopCommerce CMS features do not allow any customization
Solution: our CMS plugin allows to create any content you want: a photoblog, a professional portfolio, custom forms, an online community, or add some specific attributes to any nopCommerce tables.

Unique Business Features Shipping Plugins
Problem – you weren’t able to find nopCommerce plugin for your preferred gateway.
Solution: We developed Edost and Calculate shipping plugin and we will be able to integrate your store with your shipping provider.
Payment Plugins
Problem – standard nopCommerce doesn’t have your preferred payment gateway.
Solution: We developed PaySera and LayBay plugin and we will be able to integrate your store with your payment gateway method.



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Datgel Unify website and CMS plugin

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