4th Annual nopCommerce Conference: An attendees’ Experience

4th Annual nopCommerce Conference: An attendees’ Experience

This year I attended the 4th Annual nopCommerce conference and was admittedly excited about the location; the iconic and continuously alluring, Las Vegas. I sat in my purposefully chosen window-seat while I eagerly awaited the plane to fly over the historic views of Nevada and the Vegas Strip. I was not disappointed to see the majestic mountain views, the desert plain and feel the attraction of potentially “winning big.” My Uber picked me up from the airport to take me right to the Vegas Strip to get a closer look at the excitement and energy of the city. After fulfilling some much-needed tourist time and, enjoying a tasty lunch, I once again called an Uber to take me to the famous Hard Rock Hotel and Casino where the conference would be taking place.

Upon pulling-up to the front of the hotel I was filled with anticipation as I saw the larger-than-life electric guitar letting me know that I came to the right place. As I entered the hotel I was immediately struck with the sights and sounds of the Casino, the excitement of people trying their luck and the memorabilia of some of the most talented musicians of our time.

My room was also more than satisfying; giving me a sense adventure, luxury and relaxation which was much needed after my long journey. After taking some time to freshen-up I took my chances at the slot-machines before heading to the conference area to meet-up with Andrei and the rest of the nopCommerce team, along with some solution partners.

The next morning I made my way to the conference early to enjoy some breakfast while taking time to network with various businesses who use nopCommerce. Finally, after great anticipation and planning, the Keynote Speaker and CEO of nopCommerce, Andrei Mazulnitsyn, started things off. Initially Andrei began to talk about the direction of nopCommerce and touched upon the origins of the software before sharing his excitement about the continual growth of over 50,000 nopCommerce stores. As his presentation proceeded the audience was made privy to some thrilling upcoming “surprises” within nopCommerce; including the nopCommerce teams’ plans to create a Content Management System (CMS) and a nopCommerce Software as a Service (SAAS) version with complete support.

Throughout the conference there were a lot of interesting speakers from HubSpot, Microsoft and SendInBlue who shared their experiences and knowledge about trends taking place in their industry. In addition there was another Keynote Event, “Media Moneyball” presented by a speaker from Google, which shed light on how technology and data has enabled the next wave in marketing measurements and marketing activation.

In between the presentations and workshops there was a new experience called the “Exhibition Lounge” which was both helpful and refreshing It was here where attendees could find vendors, solution partners and sponsors in order to gain more information about the products and services they offer in relation to nopCommerce. Being that I am one of the creators of content for nopCommerce (articles, tutorials and YouTube videos) Andrei and I made a point during this conference to discuss ways to make this content more interesting for all of its’ users. We found this discussion so much fun that we felt the need to commemorate it with a picture, which you can find here!

Andrei Mazulnitsyn and Lavish Kumar
Andrei Mazulnitsyn and Lavish Kumar.

The conference concluded with a spectacular cocktail event where attendees had yet another opportunity to network with one another and connect over ways nopCommerce has helped their online business. With attendees from over 45 countries, we sure had a lot to say. As someone who has been with nopCommerce from the beginning, it was a great feeling to see our community growing and expanding in such a monumental way.

Overall the conference was a great experience where I got to meet amazing people, learn about new things happening within nopCommerce and feel the adventures and energy of Las Vegas first-hand. From the Fountains of Bellagio to Caesars Palace it was a memorable adventure that I won’t soon forget. So while I’m not sure where the next conference will be held, I’ll be sure to attend and I hope to see you there!

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