8% of sales growth thanks to Advanced campaign functionality

8% of sales growth thanks to Advanced campaign functionality
Statistics #1
8% sales growth
Statistics #2
12% increase in repeat customers
Statistics #3
50% increase in customer session time

The client of CIS aimed at presenting one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to purchase gifts online. After all the improvements that were made, they witnessed a rise in sales of 8% and an increase in repeat customers of 12%.


The client sells beautiful gifts for children. He’s owning a platform for selecting and purchasing birthday gifts with reward points functionality.


The client has already used nopCommerce 3.80. He needed “Advanced Campaign Functionality” integrated with nopCommerce, with affiliate links and the opportunity to pay for the purchases with reward points. The shipment, carousel and mailing options should also be a part of this system.

CIS encountered few significant developments while giving life to this project. Here are three of the major tasks related to the project:

  1. Acknowledging payment with reward point owned by campaign.
  2. Shipping integration and implementation of delivery status.
  3. Implementing the flow for customized messages sharing the campaign.

One of the biggest challenges was to manage the schedule. The client wanted to get a new site as soon as possible.


After encompassing all the requirements from the client, developers and design experts presented the following solution:

Own Campaign

CIS development team created a registration process where a simple form can be employed for creating the campaign. Within the form, there was an option of suggesting money, selecting an image, all of which redirected to share the page. The option to share the campaign with WhatsApp/Email was integrated via a third-party tool. Further upgradations on receiver end were also done to customize the campaign from the receiver end. Moreover, some additional plugins were later developed to meet the client's specific requirements.

Personalization Carousel Features

A “Personalization Carousel” section was implemented on the Homepage. Within this section, each image is associated with particular products. The images are uploaded by Admin. Furthermore, there’s a separate section for products that have been purchased in the past or have been viewed recently.

Shipping Service

Another requisite plugin was developed for the selection of delivery schedule date/time. In the shipping method of selection section, there is the shipping web service API to calculate shipping. There were some mandatory fields to pass the value for their complete address, i.e. house number, street name and then an admin can generate the shipment.

Implemented the Payment Plugin

Additionally, CIS built a payment plugin which leveraged the client’s country payment method and currency. This payment plugin was integrated with API. The API was built to be used on this iframe and also can be used separately.

Additional Features

The product listing pages have advanced filters, making the search easier. Email processing was extracted out of NopCommerce.


The store was launched in the agreed deadlines and fulfills all the client needs. The upgrade in the client’s store helped in generating the following results:

  • 50% increase in ROI in the next 3 months
  • 50% increase the time of customer session in the store
  • 12% increase in repeated customers monthly
  • A rise of 8% in sales growth
  • 30% growth in website conversion rate after observation of 2 months
  • Decrease of bounce rate by 35%

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