Abbasoft Technologies has been a provider of business solutions for small-to-medium businesses for over 35 years.

Abbasoft Technologies has concentrated their efforts on building the largest inventory of extensions specifically designed for the Promotional Products Industry. By combining the intuitive and comprehensive Business One solution by SAP with the specialization and industry expertise provided by Abbasoft Technologies, Abbasoft Technologies has built a business solution that is ideal for growing companies that want to make every part of their business as efficient and effective as possible. Abbasoft Technologies offers a customized approach to their services that’s based on a customer’s specific needs – combining in-depth industry knowledge with a longstanding commitment to growing companies.

Abbasoft Technologies offers system consulting services, programming and development, specification design, and technical support through their offices located in California, Ohio, and Florida.

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The skills needed to complete a project are very diverse including: system architecture, front-end development, back-end development, mobile app development, quality assurance, project management, business analysis, graphic design, and more! Instead of looking for one person that knows it all, Abbasoft brings together highly skilled and specialized people to deliver quality products on time and in budget.

  • Quality Assurance Built-In. Each project is subject to a range of testing throughout the entire development lifecycle: Feasibility Study, Proof of Concept, Prototype, and User Testing, to guarantee quality assurance.
  • Multi-Paradigm Decision Making. Implementing decision making processes allows for quick and efficient design solutions for projects of a variety of scales, from a one-team project to a project with hundreds of developers.
  • Transparent Communication. Engineers are available to fully participate in your staff's daily processes and progress reports based on your preferences.


Systems Integration at enterprises enables connectivity between multiple vendor applications and orchestrates data exchange between them. Abbasoft technologies has extensive experience in systems integration, using a variety of architectures (Enterprise Service Bus, batch processing, web service / API based implementations). With our unique expertise in integration domain, organizations can avoid costly and time-consuming implementations.

  • Avalara And CCH Integration. Are you in need of a better way to manage your sales tax calculation and filing? Eliminate the stress and headache of manual sales tax compliance with Avalara Or CCH. Cloud-based, automated sales tax calculation, right inside of your software.
  • Promostandars Integration. PromoStandards is a group of distributors, suppliers, and service providers dedicated to improving supply chain efficiency in the promotional products industry. Once the integration is implemented, the distributor and supplier computer systems can automatically send and receive business information in real-time.
  • Sanmar Integration. Quickly and easily submit electronic orders without re-keying order information. Eliminate the time spent ordering by email, phone or fax, while reducing mistakes during the manual ordering process. Direct Order Integration is made available through SanMar's web services and .txt files.
  • Sage Integration. Abbasoft Business One Sage Integration facilitates automated, bi-directional data exchange between business one and Sage, eliminating manual data entry processes and data duplication, while reducing the number of costly errors. This automated data integration can be performed over numerous touch points to streamline vital business processes.


The eCommerce industry is constantly on the rise and each year we see profits increase by an average of 14%. Business owners must act quickly to leverage emerging opportunities. Find success with custom e-commerce software that provides the customer-oriented solution you need to meet your business goals and objectives.

  • Increased Profit. Retail is a $300 billion industry and it's only expected to grow. In fact – online sales are expected to hit $414 billion by 2018. Act quickly to stay ahead of the trends.
  • Well-Designed Business Toolset. Adopt a holistic approach to business - construct an omni-channel retail platform to integrate online and in-store sales data.
  • Improved Selling Strategy. Enhance your online business with cutting-edge technologies in order to enhance your customer’s workflow.

Implementations and Training

By devoting significant time and attention to train employees and give them the skills needed to make the transition, businesses enable employees to make the most use of the tools at hand, driving the success of the implementation and performance improvements. Education positively and meaningfully affects both ERP implementation success and perceived organizational performance in a statistically meaningful way.

  • A Great Start. A successful ERP implementation is one where the best business performance can be obtained once the ERP system is operational.
  • Increase Results. Your operation, shop floor, production, warehouses and quality management are all supported by SAP software. Designing a complex SAP solution is not difficult; the challenge lies in making sure it is the right one, at the right level – and that it is implemented correctly. This requires a unique combination of implementation experience, SAP know-how and high-level competences within Lean, warehouse optimization etc. That is what our consultants have. Working closely with your organization, our consultants will help you set up and implement the right business management solution for your company.
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