Achieving Exponential Growth: Maury's Online Transformation with nopCommerce

Achieving Exponential Growth: Maury's Online Transformation with nopCommerce
Statistics #1
24% increase in site visitors and 10% decrease in cart abandonment
Statistics #2
Enhanced security and performance with 25% faster site load
Statistics #3
Real-time synchronization with CRM, logistics, inventory, promotions, and more

Maury's, a leading Italian retailer, launched its e-commerce platform using PrestaShop in 2018. Rapid business growth revealed PrestaShop's limitations, prompting a need for a more robust platform.

Migration to nopCommerce empowered Maury's growth and enhanced performance. The platform's flexibility and scalability have been crucial in supporting website expansion. The seamless integration with the management systems and the advanced customizations have significantly improved Maury's operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Challenge: Overcoming limitations of previous platforms

Maury's, a renowned retail giant with over 100 stores across Italy, embarked on its e-commerce journey in 2018 with Maury's Online, leveraging PrestaShop for its initial online presence. However, as the business experienced exponential growth, especially during the pandemic, the limitations of PrestaShop became evident. The platform's performance issues and lack of customization options hindered further scaling.

The challenge was to migrate to a robust platform that could handle real-time integration with their existing management systems through APIs and Azure services. The new platform needed to support complex customizations, including:

  • Estimating order delivery dates based on intricate logistics and shipping rules.
  • Personalized checkout processes.
  • Compliance with the Omnibus Directive.
  • Advanced integration with Brevo for email marketing automation.
  • SEO optimization and product listings through AI.
  • Fast, semantic, and efficient search engine integration.
  • Proprietary hub integration for marketplace sales management.
  • Custom countdowns and promotional logic.
  • Differentiated order and customer management for B2B.

Solution: Migration and Enhancement with nopCommerce

Maury's turned to Arkomedia s.r.l., nopCommerce silver technology partner in Italy. In 2022, Arkomedia transitioned Maury's Online to nopCommerce, ensuring the platform met its growing needs. This included a comprehensive migration and development process that leveraged Azure's capabilities, ensuring a scalable and secure enterprise infrastructure.

Key steps included:

  1. Migration to Azure and nopCommerce: Implementing a robust, scalable infrastructure with an intermediate API layer for seamless communication between internal systems and the website.
  2. Enhanced Security and Performance: Implementing a CDN and advanced cybersecurity measures to protect data and ensure transaction security.
  3. Advanced Integrations: Real-time synchronization with CRM, logistics, inventory, promotions, and more, using microservices and multi-server architecture.
  4. User Experience Improvements: Mobile optimization, enhanced UX, and custom checkout processes to improve the shopping experience.

  5. Innovative Search and Personalization: AI-driven search engine and customer behavior-based personalization to boost engagement and conversions.

Result: Transforming Challenges into Success

The migration to nopCommerce significantly improved performance, security, and scalability, enabling Maury's Online to handle peak periods with ease. Specific outcomes included:

  • Time to Checkout: Notable reduction in the time to checkout, enhancing customer convenience and satisfaction.
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Consistent growth in CLV, reflecting improved customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): Significant improvement in CSAT, as tracked by Trustpilot, since launching the new site on nopCommerce.
  • ROI and Sales Growth: A substantial increase in ROI and sales, driven by enhanced user experience and advanced marketing integrations.

  • Bounce Rate Decrease: A noticeable 19% reduction in bounce rates and 38% increase in average session duration due to optimized search functionality and personalized content.
  • New Visitor Increase: A significant 24% rise in new visitors thanks to improved SEO and marketing strategies.
  • Client Satisfaction: Maury's Online praised the seamless transition and the robust features of nopCommerce, highlighting the enhanced performance and security.

Client Feedback

"Maury's Online has experienced remarkable growth and enhanced performance since migrating to nopCommerce. The platform's flexibility and scalability have been crucial in supporting our expansion. The seamless integration with our management systems and the advanced customizations have significantly improved our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction." - Fabio Alese, CEO Maury's Online.

Conclusion: Ongoing Partnership and Continuous Improvement

Partnership of Maury's Online and Arkomedia demonstrates the transformative power of a solid technological strategy. Recognized as a top e-commerce site by La Repubblica in 2022 and reaching the top 20 in the sector report by Casaleggio Associati in 2024, this collaboration showcases the success and excellence of work done by Arkomedia.

Arkomedia’s commitment to adapting to the latest technological advancements and industry best practices ensures that Maury's Online remains a leader in the e-commerce space.

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