Active Directory Integration / LDAP Integration

Active Directory Integration / LDAP Integration
Using LDAP protocol to auth with directory server (including Microsoft Active Directory).
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Supported versions: 4.20
Created: July 30,2019
Last updated: January 19,2020

Active Directory Integration / LDAP Integration for Intranet sites plugin provides login to Nop Admin/Dashboard using credentials stored in your LDAP Server.

It allows users to authenticate against various LDAP implementations like Microsoft Active Directory.

The plugin use LDAP directly to check the identity without setting the "Windows Authentication" in IIS. Download from my GitHub releases,I will fix any bugs reported. If you have any question, open an issue to my GitHub.

The principal of the plugin : It use the attribute of LDAP, name,to check whether the inputted account name is equal to the attribute , if yes then it will checking the password. For example, the plugin use the LDAP Filter Syntax "(&(objectClass=user)(name={userName}))" to get the AD user.

If you want to change the attribute ,name,you can download the source code to customize what you want such like attribute , sAMAccountName.

And the plugin do not support password-free to login for security reason.


  • Login to Nop Dashboard using your LDAP credentials
  • Authenticate users against user attributes like name.(EASY CUSTOMERIZED)
  • Multi Store support
  • Uses LDAP or LDAPS for secure connection to your LDAP Server.