All In One Reminder Plugin (By nopCommercePlus)

All In One Reminder Plugin (By nopCommercePlus)
Customer can receive an automatic reminders from store owner shop on specified event using this plugin.
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Supported versions: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20
Created: July 19,2018
Last updated: March 01,2020

All In One Reminder Supported Version: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20.


The store owner is indeed focused on boosting sales, increase conversion rate, grow site traffic. All you can get with this plugin. Getting prospects to convert customers is one thing, but how do you get customers to buy again and again after the first purchase? This is where attentive, customer-focused emails come on. Despite some heralding the “death of email” over more modern platforms email remains one of the best ways to seal the deal, engage customers and encourage repeat purchases. The All in One Reminder Plugin is a powerful tool for keeping in touch with your regular or guest customers and embryonic customers via e-mail. You can manage different kinds of reminders for your customers and for your website visitors.




All of below predefine type have configurable period to send reminder like before & after time.


If you like to send more than one email remainder after specific interval than you can also manage through this add-on.


Using this add-on you can design your message template as you need we also provide lots of custom token that are helpful to inform more about reminder to your customers.


This add-on also provide access to manage customer list that you send reminder. You can exclude list of customer form the reminder that you configure.


Admin can automatically send reminders to customers who add products to their cart and leave without completing an order. The email is automatically sent after a cart or checkout is abandoned so you can stay in touch while your store is still fresh in shoppers' minds.


If you want to have better control over the inactive customers on your site - this add-on is for you! View inactive customers and send emails at a glance.


Important feature in this add-on is possibility to send dedicated reminders to your customers about unpaid orders.


Each reminder can be personalized with unique title and email contents (email templates).


Customers typically send reviews of your products on their own. In case they don’t, either because they forget or they don’t know it’s possible, you can ask them to do it after X days.


Admin can send greeting message, special discount message for customer who have birthday.


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