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Online stores have a big potential to attract customers from all over the world. Although to serve them all at the same time can be a hassle if you don’t have strong tech support. The whole world is an online and online business that can help you spread your wings and fly all over the world. That’s why we at BIZSOL Technologies put our minds to work and designed the concept of BIZSOL Technologies Premium Tech Support.

We’ve been supporting many different software solutions for over 11 years now and if you find yourself troubled by all the technical complications of owning a website. Having trouble to keep it online, let alone utilizing the web services or making required changes to your website. If you own a business then you should give all your time to the main aspects of your business and make it grow.

BIZSOL Technologies premium tech support will take care of everything from taking your website online to maintaining it at each and every step. The best part about having our tech support is that after getting our services, you don’t need to worry about any technical problem, addition, or removal. We are just a call away. If you have any query using our services then you can just contact us and our customer service executives will be there to help.

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1. Technical Solution

Store Setup to help you get started with your online store. Deploy a stable and functional website to handle all your store related tasks. Your eCommerce store reflects your services and we help you install required plugins and help you create your store from scratch and understand each and every functionality.

Product Image Customization to describe your products to your customers in the blink of an eye. Making an impact with your product images is necessary to increase sales and we will help you to make stunning images to let your customers know everything about your products quickly.

Website/Product content writing is something that you just can’t miss. The description of your products should be self-explanatory and should be creative enough to catch the attention of visiting customers. Our content writers focus on helping you write appealing heading and titles to close more sales.

Theme Customization to turn your entire webpage with specific themes. Our industry-ready designers are there to help you unleash the full potential of your online store.

Bug Fixing to ensure that your website stays available to your clients without any discrepancy and there will be no bugs making your website slow, un-usable, or crashing. We’ll make sure that your customers have a seamless experience and your store gets better compatibility.

Customer Support to make sure that all the issues and problems are fixed in a short period of time and you get to resolve your queries 24/7. We work around the clock to provide immediate support and keep you ahead of your competitors.

AWS E2 Hosting to ensure that your website is available to your customers without any downtime and you get reliable Elastic Compute Cloud hosting. With AWS E2 Hosting on your website, you will be able to deliver your eCommerce store to 24 different regions and 76 availability zones.

AWS RDS is Amazon's relational database system. We provide this database system to keep your website’s data secure and protect it from any cybersecurity flaw. This RDS system ensures that your data is optimized and your website's performance is not affected.

Migration is also provided to your website which makes sure that you do not have to keep your data in local servers which generally leads to a lack of performance and safety. We keep your website’s data on online cloud servers and there is no compromise on the performance and uptime.

Server Management is given prime importance as it is necessary for your eCommerce store to stay online in heavy traffic conditions. We make sure that everything from the server to data is efficiently managed and your website works just like it should.

Source Code Management is necessary to ensure that your data and code are effectively organized and version tagging and revision history are available. This makes it easy to use backup and restore services along with upgrading and downgrading anytime necessary.

2. Custom Plugin development

Plugins are something that you can use to describe your own unique ideas and make way for them to introduce themselves to the crowd. A plugin has infinite possibilities with the help of our development team you can make custom plugins and even integrate third-party plugins within your website.

Each plugin will help you add more functionality to your website, making it more and more compatible with new features and interesting ideas. You can use premade plugins or share your ideas with us to develop anything and add any new functionality to your eCommerce store.


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