40% More Conversions due to Intelligent Product Recommendations

40% More Conversions due to Intelligent Product Recommendations

As digital transformation continues, developing true customer loyalty, through creating highly personalized shopping experiences, is crucial in order to stay competitive. A successful business model needs not only digitized products, but their good customer service must go online as well.

Therefore: Digitize the best customer advisor you ever had! Whether through cross-selling or intelligent suggestion lists, a good recommendation AI can not only significantly improve your sales but also increase your customer satisfaction, since the customer is offered exactly the products that interest him.

Sustainable growth, competitiveness and increase in profits due to Recommendations

Many large companies such as Amazon or Zalando already use artificial intelligence to create personalized product suggestions and thus offer better customer service. Not only have they been able to significantly improve their revenues, but they are also positioning themselves to compete in a digital world that will be even more dominated by smart technologies in the future.

Digital applications are evolving at an exponential rate and the global economy is undergoing drastic changes. Many companies that relied on the tried and true have already disappeared in the past and others will not remain competitive in the future. AI is the future of eCommerce, while customer focus is the core of successful sales.

By focusing on each individual customer rather than an item, Recommendations AIs can piece together the history of a customer's shopping journey and provide them with personalized product recommendations.

Possible Key Benefits due to a Recommendation AI are:

  • 40% conversions
  • 90% click-through rate
  • additional sales by stimulating impulse purchases
  • additional sales through cross- & up-selling
  • sustainable increase in competitiveness
  • improved customer loyalty through a better understanding of individual customer needs

Key Benefits for your customers are:

  • Product recommendations tailored to individual needs
  • "Stimulation instead of flooding"

Innovapps GmbH, a nopCommerce solution partner, provides you with a Product Recommendations Plugin. The plugin trains the Google Recommendation AI with your products and previous sales, as well as integrates the recommendations together with you on your website.

Data protection is a top priority for the Innovapps plugin. In order to generate individual product recommendations, only a number will be transmitted to Google. Personal information remains therefore protected. The Google Recommendation AI complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data import and prediction export can both be accomplished using a REST API provided by Google.

To start using the Product Recommendation Plugin just follow this instruction:

  1. Create account here
  2. Get the Product Recommendation Plugin
  3. Follow the installation instructions.

This post is written by Innovapps GmbH(https://www.nopcommerce.com/de/innovapps-gmbh), a nopCommerce solution partner. Innovapps creates customized digital solutions for their B2B customers in order to enhance their clients profitability and customer service. Years of experience, innovation and trusting long-term partnerships characterize Innovapps’ software projects.

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