Top 4 Benefits of Using Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Top 4 Benefits of Using Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

The shift to online shopping has accelerated in recent years, thanks partly to the global COVID-19 pandemic. According to Morgan Stanley, eCommerce grew from a solid 15% of sales in 2019 to 21% in 2021. Now 22% of all sales come from consumers hitting that buy button online. When they click buy, they expect their packages to be delivered on time and intact. Multi-carrier shipping can meet all these requirements.

In the past, it might have been enough to rely on major companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL, or USPS, but today the shipping options are endless. Since large carriers aren't always the greatest solution for the fastest and smoothest delivery, businesses are under more pressure than ever to deliver packages to consumers' doorsteps. And multi-carrier shipping software can help them with it. Using such programs, you can select various carriers, prices, and service levels automatically. This implies that you can get the finest shipping solution regardless of where you are sending your package to or from.

Why is multi-carrier shipping the best option?

Multi-carrier shipping is the process of using multiple carriers to ship your products. This can be done by using different carriers for different products, or by using one carrier for all products. As a result, a multi-carrier solution can streamline your shipment services, saving your time and allowing you to focus on other important matters. Here are four benefits of using proper multi-carrier shipping software in your company:

1. Choose the most affordable shipping option

Multi-carrier software with built-in rate shopping will pick the most cost-effective delivery options. It doesn’t matter whether you're seeking discounts on FedEx, UPS, DHL, or USPS delivery, you'll get the greatest offers for your company. Additionally, your clients will receive the best prices, which will strengthen their ties to you and keep them coming back to you.

Best of all, this process is entirely automated, so you'll be able to focus on your business while the software takes care of finding the best prices for shipping.

2. Adapt your shipment services to any needs

Online merchants and digital retailers are aware that some carriers perform better than others both domestically and abroad. Instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all strategy, you can provide your consumers a personalized experience if you have robust multi-carrier shipping software at hand.

Finding the cheapest delivery option isn't always the objective; sometimes, you just want to do what's right for you and your client. In order to be guided to the best carrier and method for your needs, high-quality shipping software will let you build up specific rules. For instance, you may still choose a strategy that works best for a customer who lives in a rural location or even abroad. For every client and circumstance, you'll have a completely personalized solution.

3. Save yourself time on mundane tasks

You may handle all of your accounts from a single access point using multi-carrier shipping softwares. To access information about your shipments, you won't need to log into several websites. Instead, log into a single system, receive all the information you want and be able to choose the best delivery option.

Additionally, bills of lading, commercial invoices, and any other important documentation will be handled by the appropriate software. By doing this, there is no longer a need to print each item separately and attach it to the package's outside. The simple label contains all the information you require.

So you'll reduce the busywork of shipping to reasonable levels with a single login and all the necessary documentation. Imagine what you could do if you had more free time!

4. Be flexible with your partners & contractors

The flexibility and adaptability of multi-carrier shipping are its key benefits. Many online shops must send all of their shipping volume to a single carrier, such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL, to be eligible for major discounts. Unfortunately, there will be serious problems for the company in case of shipping delays. If this happens, you won't receive any discounts and will have to seek a different carrier to finally transport your products. And that means you could take a big hit in shipping costs.

Many retailers—even big-name companies—faced this challenge in 2020. Back then, many people experienced costly shipment delays. However, if you have effective shipping software at hand, you may get discounts from many carriers available and switch them at any time. So you won't have to sell the farm to access alternative carriers if the dreaded canceled pickup occurs once again.

Use Easy-Post’s shipping software to your advantage

Different multi-carrier shipping solutions have different advantages. Only modern, robust technology paired with a team of dedicated engineers can keep best-in-class software performing with 99.99% API uptime. Through a single integration and our multi-carrier access, connecting to and comparing prices across 100+ carriers is now simpler than ever. This is the flexibility and scalability that a single carrier shipment simply can not provide.

EasyPost’s software provides a simple and flexible shipping experience that checks these boxes:

  • Reliable service with 99.99% uptime
  • Data-backed optimizations to save on shipping costs and guarantee on-time delivery
  • Lightning-fast response times of less than 300 milliseconds
  • Real-time tracking updates through custom tracking pages and webhook notifications
  • Address verification for both domestic and international deliveries
  • Accessible, hands-on customer support in an hour, not days
  • An easy-to-integrate API with world-class documentation.

The right multi-carrier shipping software by EasyPost will help you streamline, automate, and gain end-to-end control of your shipping processes.

A few words about EasyPost

EasyPost is a technology leader and partner to nopCommerce that builds shipping solutions for eCommerce brands, fulfillment providers, and online marketplaces. The company provides a best-in-class, multi-carrier shipping API that removes the technical complexities of logistics while making shipping more reliable, efficient, and affordable. Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, EasyPost is available in over 200 countries worldwide and has executed over one billion shipments. For more information, go to

Need to integrate EasyPost with your online store? Download EasyPost’s plugin and install it to your web shop to start saving time and money on delivery shipping and services.

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