How an industry-leading eCommerce company grew revenue 42% with Sendinblue

How an industry-leading eCommerce company grew revenue 42% withSendinblue

Properly set up targeted emails for abandoned searches and email segmentation can help you significantly increase your sales. The inspiring case study of 42% revenue growth in a year, presented by our technology partner SendinBlue, clearly confirms this. Check it to find out how you can optimize email marketing in your online store, too.

Email. At almost 50 years old, it certainly isn’t a new technology. That said, it consistently proves itself as one of the most profitable marketing channels. This was the case for TravelSupermarket, a UK travel-comparison site that saw a 42% boost in year-over-year revenue after successfully using Sendinblue’s email marketing solution.

Getting the best results from email marketing all boils down to having the right strategy and tools.

Today we’re sharing TravelSupermarket’s email success story so that you can get inspiration on how to leverage email marketing for your eCommerce site.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • Why TravelSupermarket chose Sendinblue as its email provider
  • The 3 key tactics driving TravelSupermarket’s email strategy
  • How you can integrate your nopCommerce store with Sendinblue to send transactional and abandoned cart emails

TravelSupermarket: A small CRM team taking on big challenges

In the budget travel industry, consumers are experienced bargain-hunters and the internet is teeming with options. Growing customer loyalty in this market is extremely challenging, especially when you’re a small team.

TravelSupermarket’s offerings include package vacations, car rentals, individual flights, and travel insurance. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ offer simply wouldn’t cut it for the company's price-savvy consumers.

Christina Thummanah, head of the CRM team at TravelSupermarket, recognized that highly relevant and targeted offers would be key to generating customer loyalty. With that in mind, Christina and her CRM team set about finding a solution that would be able to send the right deal at the right moment straight to their customers’ inboxes.

Why TravelSupermarket chose Sendinblue as its trusted email provider

The TravelSupermarket CRM team had specific criteria in mind when it came to comparing email services. They needed a powerful marketing automation functionality to send timely trigger mailings, while at the same time being fully GDPR-compliant and cost-effective.

Ease-of-use, a quick set up, and robust customer support were also given high priority among the deciding factors.

Sendinblue ticked all boxes and its balance of features and affordability gave it the ultimate edge over competitors. So it replaced another email service which had not given TravelSupermarket the results they expected. The TravelSupermarket team signed up for an enterprise plan and together with their personal success manager, Jennifer, started working on taking their email marketing to the next level.

3 key actions that led to revenue growth

1. Maximizing email signup opportunities

Following the arrival of the GDPR, Christina and her team had to re-build the contact database using opt-in methods. With Sendinblue they created a custom signup form which was then placed in a prime location on their website.

Maximizing email signup opportunities

In addition to the highly visible email signup form, they also took full advantage of other on-site opportunities to attract new subscribers. “Running a simple competition to win a travel hamper” was one creative initiative that worked wonders for boosting subscriber growth.

2. Setting up automated workflows to capture abandoned searches

Travelsupermarket set up automated workflows in Sendinblue to deliver the right deal to the right person at exactly the right moment. To do this, they installed the Sendinblue tracker on their website and set up automated email workflows for abandoned searches.

The Sendinblue Tracker lets you track the pages your contacts visit on your site. Then, using marketing automation, you can plan for automated emails to be sent when specific web activity takes place.

In the case of TravelSupermarket, this meant sending a targeted email to any contact who abandoned their product search. This is following the same concept as the abandoned cart email commonly used in eCommerce (a type of email that you can easily set up yourself - more on that down below).

3. Using email segmentation to send highly targeted emails

Travelsupermarket used Sendinblue’s advanced segmentation to segment their email list. This has been crucial in ensuring the relevancy and personalization of email offers.

As Christina explains, “No one living in Scotland wants to receive a flight deal departing from London. That would be frustrating for them. So we rolled out airport segmentation, which allows us to provide deals relevant to our customers’ closest departure airport.”

This was supported by Sendinblue’s Update Profile form feature, a specific type of form that allows you to collect updated information on subscriber preferences. This, for instance, can be added as a link to the footer of all emails. You can also include an option to pause campaigns, another feature that helped TravelSupermarket maintain positive customer relationships.

“Not everyone wants to go on holiday at all times of the year, so if you’ve just come back from a holiday, the last thing you probably want is another email telling you to go on holiday. We now offer a ‘pause subscriber’ functionality, which lets subscribers choose how long they don’t want to hear from us.”

Some of the key results achieved using Sendinblue

TravelSupermarket has been using Sendinblue service since 2018. The focus on list rebuilding and using creative list growth tactics has paid off massively for TravelSupermarket.

The client confirmed overall revenue is up 42% year-over-year due to successfully using Sendinblue’s email marketing service. In 2019, they sent over 110 million emails with Sendinblue.

How you can start using Sendinblue for your nopCommerce site

Want to use Sendinblue to scale your eCommerce business?

The good thing is that it’s totally possible for nopCommerce customers thanks to the Sendinblue plugin for nopCommerce (the plugin is available out-of-the-box in nopCommerce 4.20 and 4.30). And you can try Sendinblue service for free.

Sendinblue plugin developed by the nopCommerce team allows you to do the following:

  • Synchronize your nopCommerce customers with your Sendinblue account
  • Send your nopCommerce transactional emails (order confirmations, shipping updates, etc.) and SMS notifications via Sendinblue
  • Track the activity of your shoppers on your store and set up abandoned cart emails to recover lost sales

How to install the Sendinblue plugin for nopCommerce

  1. Start by creating a free Sendinblue account
  2. Ensure that your Sendinblue account is validated in order to start sending emails
  3. Login to your nopCommerce store. In the left-hand menu, go to Configuration > Plugins. Find the Sendinblue plugin then click on the Configure button (for nopCommerce 3.90 - 4.10, you can download the plugin here)
  4. Follow this guide to set up the plugin for transactional emails, SMS, and marketing automation

And with that, you’ll be all set up to make your eCommerce take flight with email marketing!

Emma Fanning

Author bio: Emma Fanning is a content marketing specialist at Sendinblue, an all-in-one digital marketing platform for small businesses. Emma writes about digital marketing related topics on the Sendinblue blog. You can connect with her on Twitter.

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