Why Staying on Old Versions Could Cost You: Reasons to Upgrade Your nopCommerce Store to 4.70

Why Staying on Old Versions Could Cost You: Reasons to Upgrade Your nopCommerce Store to 4.70


nopCommerce team is devoted to constantly developing the platform and bringing new features, bug fixes, and improvements every few months. Even though updating to a newer version can seem time-consuming and costly, the benefits always exceed the expenses. Adopting a new version gives your online store better safety, higher performance, useful features, and more. In this article, we will explore compelling reasons why upgrading your nopCommerce store to version 4.70 is a smart investment for the future of your business.

Reason 1 - Higher performance

Your online store’s performance defines how quickly it will load on a web browser, affecting your store’s usability and accessibility. According to Google, more than half of all visitors abandon websites that take more than three seconds to load. This means that unoptimized stores give a bad impression from the very beginning.

How Google ranks your website also depends on your website’s performance because loading speed is a Google ranking factor. If your store loads quicker, it has more chances to appear on the first pages of Google, meaning more potential buyers will see it in the search.

Thus the online store with better performance has more leads due to better SEO and more sales due to a nicer impression and user experience.

We’ve compared the performance of nopCommerce version 4.70 with older versions and proved that it shows better results. The performance of 4.70 is:

  • 79% higher than 4.20 performance
  • 68% higher than 4.30 performance
  • 53% higher than 4.40 performance
  • 13.7% higher than 4.50 performance
  • 2% higher than 4.60 performance

Performance growth of different nopCommerce versions

Performance growth of different nopCommerce versions

You can see that upgrading to the latest nopCommerce version increases performance by up to 79% depending on the version you use currently.

Reason 2 - More new features and opportunities, more security

Older versions of nopCommerce don’t support many new plugins. As an example, you can see the recent releases by nopCommerce - plugins for Power BI data analytics and Full-text search. Mobile application and Web API are some of the most popular extensions for nopCommerce and they are also available only to the stores with the latest versions of nopCommerce. Without upgrading to nopCommerce 4.70, you lose plenty of opportunities for your store development and fall far behind your competitors. Many more new extensions and plugins are on the way which will only be developed and supported starting with version 4.70.

Updating to the latest version is also a good opportunity to update the design of your online store to give it a more fresh and modern look. On newer versions of nopCommerce, this is much easier to do. Besides, it will make the changes more noticeable for your clients and they will highly appreciate the better user interface and higher performance of your website.

In addition to more features and redesign opportunities, updating to the latest version of nopCommerce increases the online store’s security. Over the years these security fixes included preventing a credit card brute force, improving security settings, security issues fixed, and more.

Reason 3 - Better SEO - more leads from search

As we’ve mentioned above, enhanced performance of the latest nopCommerce version leads to faster loading times, a critical factor in search engine ranking. Additionally, improved mobile responsiveness ensures a better user experience on all devices, further boosting your SEO efforts.

Moreover, nopCommerce 4.70 supports advanced structured data, which is crucial for search engines to understand your content better. This improved structured data support includes:

  • Rich snippets for products, reviews, and other content types
  • Enhanced schema markup for better indexing
  • Support for the latest JSON-LD standards

These features make your store's content more accessible to search engines, increasing your chances of appearing in rich results and driving more organic traffic to your site.

Reason 4 - The update cost is very reasonable

The cost of updating to the latest version of nopCommerce is tailored to fit various business sizes.

The price mostly depends on the following factors:

  1. A version of nopCommerce from which the store owner wants to migrate
  2. Custom development including theme, plugins, and custom code from the previous version which is needed to be developed for the newer version
  3. Cost of upgrading third-party theme and plugins to the newer version
  4. Any theme customizations if using a ready-made theme
  5. The size of the database and the allocation of resources on the server

nopCommerce Gold partner NopAdvance on the upgrade price and timelines:

“For example, if someone is using vanilla nopCommerce 4.20 with a nop-template theme, and with only theme plugins, then the upgrade takes around 5-6 hours of human hours including website setup, installation, upgrade, and testing. In this case, as there is nothing much to do, an upgrade would be less than $500 with a company like NopAdvance, while upgrading from 4.20. For 4.50, it would be less than $400.”

nopStation, nopCommerce Gold partner, gives another example of the upgrade pricing:

“The efforts to upgrade default nopCommerce from 4.60 to 4.70 is around 8 to 12 hours and will usually cost around USD 240 to USD 360.”

Upgrading to the latest version of nopCommerce might seem complicated, but it is far more straightforward than you might think. If you don’t have a developer on your team, you can easily reach out to our Solution partners for assistance. They will provide you with a detailed calculation of the migration cost tailored to your specific needs.

The transition process to the newer version of nopCommerce is designed to be both smooth and secure. Our Solution partners meticulously test and recheck every aspect multiple times before the launch. This thorough approach ensures that there is no disruption to your store's operations, allowing you to continue serving your customers seamlessly.

Request an upgrade price for your nopCommerce store right now - just fill out the request form and get quote suggestions from nopCommerce Gold Solution partners.

What is the migration process?

There are several steps the developers will perform to make the upgrade safe and seamless:

1. Preliminary assessment

  • Identification of custom modifications and finding source code for them
  • Checking marketplace plugins used in the store and their version availiability
  • Determining whether a marketplace or custom theme

2. Upgrade process

  • Total backup: Complete backup of the site, including images and database, is done before taking the site down and minimizing downtime.
  • Developing the new version: Developers adapt the new version to include necessary custom code, plugins, or themes based on current business logic.
  • Ensuring production configuration: The production server is configured to meet nopCommerce requirements like OS, SQL Server, .NET framework, and SSL.
  • Uploading new files: A new folder with the latest nopCommerce files is created on the server, whether customized or vanilla.
  • Updating configuration, images and database: Necessary configuration files and images are uploaded, developers perform the database upgrade.
  • Testing thoroughly: Functionality and performance testing with the following bug fixing to ensure all the features work properly.
  • Turning the site on: The site is configured with the live domain and SSL, followed by final testing and backup before going live.

3. Post-upgrade considerations

  • Monitoring Performance to address any issues that arise promptly
  • User training on any new features or changes introduced in version 4.70
  • Staying updated with future nopCommerce releases to maintain compatibility and security

All our experienced Solution partners can handle your burden for an upgrade while you can go on with your business without any disruptions.


Upgrading your nopCommerce store to version 4.70 is a smart investment that offers numerous advantages over older versions. The enhanced performance alone can lead to better SEO, reduced hosting costs, and an improved user experience. Additionally, access to new features, improved security, and the potential for lead generation make the transition highly beneficial.

The cost of migration is reasonable and tailored to your store’s specific needs, making it an accessible option for businesses of all sizes. Start your upgrade journey now and unlock the full potential of your online store!

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