Why use nopCommerce for your B2B eCommerce project

Why use nopCommerce for your B2B eCommerce project

nopCommerce would be a good pick if you’re looking for a platform to launch your B2B store. Read further to get a detailed overview of in-built nopCommerce features for B2B eCommerce and check the selection of real projects made on the platform.

nopCommerce features for the best B2B projects

In-built multi-vendor functionality

Connect new suppliers to your store or create a large marketplace. It’s easy to do with in-built multi-vendor functionality in nopCommerce. Unlike with other platforms, with nopCommerce, you won’t have to install any extensions for that.

The store owner can provide vendors with access to the admin panel, so they could manage their products, review sales reports, and order details regarding their products. Vendors would not interfere in each other's activities.

With advanced settings and access permissions, you can make vendors’ activities automated. You can set up whether the vendor’s name should be demonstrated to the customers, whether your customers can apply to the vendor’s account and contact existing vendors, whether vendors should be able to edit info to provide personal information in public store, and so on.

Advanced account settings

nopCommerce allows you to appoint different roles for your customers and determine special terms for each role. With access control list functionality you can restrict or grant users access to certain areas of your site based on their roles. Set up different prices and available payment and shipping methods for each group of customers (e.g. for users from different companies or B2C and B2B clients).

For each customer, you can specify whether they should be tax-exempt, whether they should indicate the name of their company during the registration, and so on. You can also set up how the users should register in your store by allowing registration after email confirmation or after manual approval of the store administrator. It’s also possible to show products and prices for registered customers only.

Flexible price options

With nopCommerce, you can offer different prices for different groups of customers and hide prices for extra-valuable items with a “call for price” feature to make users contact your sales team. With tier pricing, you can offer special prices for big amounts of products.

All these settings can be activated in the admin panel in just a few clicks. Here you can also specify if some specific products should be available for pre-order or available upon request only.

nopCommerce also supports automatically created PDF invoices.

Integrations with CRM and ERP systems

You can integrate nopCommerce with any corporate system your company uses. Request integration development from scratch from nopCommerce solution partners or simply pick one of the ready-made integrations with CRM and ERP systems available on our marketplace.

Easy customization

nopCommerce is an open-source platform, and it perfectly fits the B2B sphere because it’s possible to change every single element of the platform to meet the requirements of your company. The clear architecture of the platform makes customization process easier.

Fast and stable work

nopCommerce is developed upon high-performative and secured Microsoft framework. The sites built on nopCommerce work fast even with large catalogs, and you don’t need to hire developers for performance optimization. It’s also totally possible to start with a small store and then seamlessly scale it as your business grows. All the functionality you might need is already included in the platform.

ASP.NET framework by Microsoft also provides an in-built security level, which you would need to build from scratch with PHP framework (and PHP platforms).

5 examples of B2B eCommerce websites made on nopCommerce

1. OnOff: multi-vendor marketplace

Onoff.ge marketplace sells mobile phones, accessories, small and large appliances. Today it offers 101.000 products from 70 vendors and has 5000 unique daily visitors. The site was built from scratch using nopCommerce. Read OnOff case study

OnOff: multi-vendor marketplace

2. Ofix: eCommerce project for B2B and B2C customers

Ofix is a large Mexican office and school supply company with 25 stores countrywide and over 900 employees. Back in 1998, when the company was just founded, it was only engaged in B2C sales, but later decided to join the B2B market as well. Since the catalog and functionality of the B2B site had to differ significantly, it was decided to create a separate store for business-to-business sales. Read Ofix case study

Ofix: eCommerce project for B2B and B2C customers

3. Volvo Cars: catalog and prices setup by customer roles

The Volvo Car Lifestyle Collection includes items that meet the needs of all customers, from high-end, exclusive lifestyle products to branded, giveaway merchandise. Their site made on nopCommerce works with B2B and B2C customers. Read Volvo Cars case study

Volvo Cars: catalog and prices setup by customer roles

4. Frutiger: corporate B2B store for 5.000 construction sites

With its new B2B eCommerce solution, Swiss construction company Frutiger has simplified its interaction with 5,000 construction sites. Each site can now order and rent products independently, with unique price conditions. Read Frutiger case study

Frutiger: corporate B2B store for 5.000 construction sites

5. Crane Partners: eCommerce project with the features of a Document Management System

As Crane Partners issues certificates for heavy equipment, they needed a site that would also have features of a Document Management System. This project is a great customization example nopCommerce platform allows you to make. Read Crane Partners case study

Crane Partners: eCommerce project with the features of a Document Management System

If you are interested in making your B2B project on nopCommerce, please, contact our solution partners to discuss the details. You can also request a quote to choose the best offer.

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