nopCommerce v1.30 released

11 years ago
Excellent product thanks guys!!
11 years ago
I see that there is a web deploy what is that ? Thanks
11 years ago
how to a step by step upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3?
  -----the first, Is  to upload 1.3 documents?
-----then run the update script?
11 years ago
Uploaded the file, I saw the installation interface.
Then I try to install and upgrade, but can not succeed.
Tip me: The account is not granted with Modify permission on folder
11 years ago

I have managed to install this on Godaddy. With help from people on this forum so I thought I would try and help you.

1. Create the folder you want Nop Commerce to go into.
1a. FTP all Nop Commerce Files into the folder.

2. Go into your Hosting Control Panel. Click Content, then file manager.
2a. Navigate to the folder you created and but a tick next to it, then click the permissions button.
2b. Untick Inherit then, Tick Read, Write & Reset all children to inherit. Then press ok.

Once you have done this you have configured the folders permissions correctly. Now Return to the main hosting control panel.

3. Select Databases then SQL Server. Create a new database. You do not need to install DSN or ASP Schema.

4. Once the database is setup click Manage Via web admin & Login using your database username and password.

4a. Expand the tools folder on the left (if it is not already) and click on Query Analyzer.

4b. Now Press Open SQL File. Navigate to the Install/Scripts File withing Nop Commerce on your local machine and open nopCommerce_createDatabase.sql once this has opened press Execute. This will create the tables.

4c. Once it has finished creating the tables, make sure you delete everything in the text box and then do the same as above except open nopCommerce_createData.sql and Execute this.

4d. Once this has finished if you want to install sample data do the same as above with nopCommerce_createSampleData.sql however this is optional.

You have now setup you database correctly. The final thing to do is to amend your ConnectionStrings.config file.

5. Open this file on your local machine with a text editing program such as notepad.
5a. Modify and insert this line:

<add name="NopSqlConnection" connectionString="Data Source=INSERTHOSTNAME;Initial Catalog=INSERTDATABASENAME;User ID=INSERTUSERNAME;Password=INSERTPASSWORD;"/>

You can find all the information you need if you click the little pencil icon next to your database in the hosting control panel.

Once you have done this your ConnectionStrings.config file should look like this.

<add name="NopSqlConnection" connectionString="Data Source=INSERTHOSTNAME;Initial Catalog=INSERTDATABASENAME;User ID=INSERTUSERNAME;Password=INSERTPASSWORD;"/>

5b. Save this file and FTP it to your Nop Commerce Folder on your web server replacing the existing one.

Everything should now be setup. Now navigate to the store in your web browser.

The default email is: [email protected] and the default password is: admin

Hope this helps.
10 years ago
This is absolutely perfect!  Well written and most importantly very accurate!  Thanks for your help.
10 years ago
thanks for your help.