Arvixe Worst web host, Please avoid!

9 years ago

I've reviewed your ticket and do see some major delays. I apologize for that.

However, in order to fix the problem, which appear to be permission related to YOUR specific account and install of nopCommerce, we need to have access to replicate the issue.

In the meantime, I've corrected your permissions.

If you could update us with these details (via the ticket), I'm confident we can resolve this issue for you quickly.

I've CC'd myself on your ticket so I know when you update.
Thank you for your patience!
9 years ago
I have some accounts on Arvixe. And one with nopcommerce. Everything is working great.
As for support it was always helpfull and quite fast.
8 years ago
toanhnt wrote:
I'm not here to talk bad about anyone, but I think we all should give our honest experiences with the hosting companies. Anyone here know a good hosting company, please let me know! Appreciated!

I have been with for the last ten years. They provide 24/7 support, 100% uptime, business hours telephone support. After having nightmares with other hosting companies, I settled with them and havent wanted to find another.
8 years ago
Hi all,

I have horrible experience with Arvixe today and our website has been dead more than half day, we lost quite a few orders since our customer could not placed the order online anymore.

I have contact the guys from support frequently and ended up keeping awaiting and awaiting, even i told them to check our database LOG file ( already more than 7 Gigabits, the main database file only has 1 Gigabit) and get it truncated.  

till now, no body could truncate the LOG file for us, and they just queue our urgent requirement or escalate and escalate our issue to more super administrator.

and all what i want to is withdraw from Arvixe and get my money refunded.  ( i realized it is just 1 week more than 60 days, and afraid if i am eligible to get refunded according to their 60 days guarantee policy)

So disappointed with Arvixe

Updates from Arvixe:

Sorry for the delay in responding to you. I was checking this in details for you. I have started the app pool again for your website and it is working now. I have checked the two links you have mentioned. Please see the attached images. However, The app pool stops frequently. After further investigation. I have found the following:

A worker process serving application pool ' v4.0 (Integrated)' has requested a recycle because it reached its private bytes memory limit.

Application pool ' v4.0 (Integrated)' is being automatically disabled due to a series of failures in the process(es) serving that application pool.

This means the application pool gets stopped due to as it reaches the memory limit set on the windows server. You may need to check the code with the help of your developer and minimize/optimize the bugs for better performance and less resources.

I have truncated Your database LOG file. Please let us know if you need further assistance.


after double check our log file, i realized it does NOT get truncated at all, it is still more than 7 Gigabites. : <

and i still don't understand why i could not open up just the second webpage (once i open the homepage, i could not go through another webpage, the error comes up) from our website even after the application pool get restarted? is that mean JUST ONE PAGE could use up all the private memory?
8 years ago
Latest updates from Arvixe:

The issue with your DB log file should be resolved now. As for the other issue. I am forwarding it to our Server Stability department to better assist you on this.

Let us know if you need further assistance.


Yes, the LOG file has been truncated. but still getting error. : (
8 years ago

5 hours  ( started at 2:20pm today) has elapsed, no GOOD so far so bad : (
8 years ago
6 and half HOURS elapsed, our website still DEAD : (
8 years ago
Seems the website survived now. : )
8 years ago

I recently came across this thread again and wanted to offer our sincerest apologies. It’s never something we like to hear that someone experienced a delayed response.

While we certainly want to have all replies going out as quickly as possible, there will inevitably be a delay from time to time and in cases like this when you need an update more quickly we want you to know that we’re happy to help you ASAP if you’d like to escalate through live chat, phone support, or even by emailing QA [at]

Again, we truly apologize for the inconvenience and delay that you experienced and want to reiterate if you should need anything further we’re happy to assist you.

Thank you!
8 years ago
ylechasseur wrote:
I am with Arvixe to. At the beginning, I found them pretty good (2 months ago. Now, opening a ticket with them is very frustrating.

It takes forever to give a status and when I have a status the answer makes no sense at all.

Do anyone know a good hosting service with good techs ?

I don't like to change supplier, it is a lot of work. Also, I think it is normal that the service is not 100%. Actually,  I feel that I have no choice..


If you are looking for the one and all amazing technical support team to help you on hosting problems, go with softsys hosting.  They are so fast and so helpful, that I truly feel blessed to have chosen them instead of someone else.  

I have been using them from I think April of last year, and I can't remember a single time that I was ever displeased with their service.  

If there is a problem, they will fix it.  And, they will fix it in such a fast professional manner that you can't help but be grateful and feel that your hosting fee was money well spent.

I did the calculation once and their average response time in getting back to me on a ticket was just 10.5 minutes!

I am currently using what is now called the "Personal Shared" plan.  It is $8.49 a month.  It is a little more than some other companies but I guess you get what you pay for.

When I first started using softsys hosting last year the price was $5 dollars a month.  Since my renewal is coming up, I was thinking, should I look for a company that give's more for less?

I looked at one large company and emailed them asking some questions... It has been over a month and I haven't heard back!    

After the excellent service I got using softsys hosting, this "other company" did not seem so great.  

Here is the link to their windows hosting: