Is arvixe really that horrible?!!!

10 years ago
To everyone in the nopCommerce community, is it just our experience with Arvixe or Arvixe services are good for nothing?!!!

They can hardly be reached. Important tickets take days to clear! The can hardly do the job right, if it requires more than a server restart! Their so called QA department does not answer our emails! We wonder if they have such a department at all or it is just a marketing trick.

Just an example, they installed our SSL certificate on a shared IP address and basically ruined our Google standing. What not web sites were cached with out content. And they still are. It took days for us trying  to let them know that something is wrong because we could see a lot of web sites appearing as ours, while they were saying that nothing is wrong. At the end we figured out the problem ourselves with the help of a fellow hosting company here in Bulgaria. Only after we told Arvixe what they did wrong they fixed it.

Please anyone who has good, bad or any feedback about Arvixe, do share it. We are starting to consider a move out from their services, which will take us a long time and effort, so we are trying to hear at least something good about them!
10 years ago
You might want to check out this thread:
10 years ago
I just got offered a weeks credit for 2.5 days of downtime, WOW, never knew I paid by the week, stingy good for nothing company.
10 years ago
You can try:

Bloggers Online

I am using their Premium Hosting Plan and nopCommerce works pretty good on it.

Here is my NoP website below:

Its about 30% Done, just got it up and running :)

Right now learning many things about it.

I been hosting my websites with them for over a year.

If you have any issues with your website they will answer your email with in 3-4 hours max.

Most of the time with in 5 mins -1 hour.

And if anything needs to be done on their side they fix it pretty quick.

Even if you just have questions on what to do or advice they will give it to you.

If you have any questions please ask.

Hope this helps,

Brian Davis
10 years ago
I won't go into my Arvixe issues right now.  But I am looking at alternatives.
kbdavis - performance of your  seems very spotty.  Typically taking 5-20+ seconds to get a page, and timing out many times.  Your other sites are almost instant.  nopC does tend to need a bit of horsepower.
10 years ago
New York,

The NOp site is new and  receiving 0 hits right now.

Once I get more hits it will "stay alive" this improving speed.
10 years ago
"stay alive" only improves initial start up time.  When I navigate to different pages in the same 'session', I see poor performance.  Hope you don't mind, but I've added you to my sites.  This will actually keep your site "alive" because it pings every couple of minutes. then records the results.   I've been recording for 1 1/2 hours - it does not look good - typical responses are 12-15 seconds, average is 13.8 .  Only a few are in the 2-3 seconds range.

With Arvixe, I actually get pretty good average response times about 1.1 / 1.7 secs (2 different sites).  However, my issue with them is that there are periods where there is no response at all ((500) Internal Server Error.) - typically 1-4 per day, and thus my uptime is only 98.9 %
10 years ago
I switched to a VPS on Accuwebhosting.  Didn't have to pay very much more for it than my business hosting.  Now I have full control of a server and don't have to mess with technical support.  Site is much faster now too.
8 years ago
Arvixe is horrible absolutely horrible.  If you don't mind being down it works well.   Support is awful when you move from one host to another they give out wrong codes, etc.  Excuse after excuse.  It was my experience too.

Nice people working sometimes, but other than that awful.
8 years ago
I would like to know if Happycoral is still happy?  They all start out good, but we all need to keep this going so we can find out where to put our retail businesses to make money, not loose money.  It almost appears that all of us need to jump ship on the internet thing and go with a brick and mortar.  Waiting for 8 years to make it possibly to the second page is not very good odds.  Taking a major computer science course and the only one that really gets hits is the first at 80%.  The rest only get about 5%.  

Not very good odds for anyone.