Setting up FROOGLE

11 years ago
Ok, so the update to the FROOGLE provider definately fixed problems with the FROOGLE XML feed that NOPCOMMERCE provides! I have had much more success uploading to google-base.

However, when I generate the feed I'd like to have post to a static file-name in the directory on the webserver.

This would help since google allows the option to pull from a specific URI on a periodic basis, and this would save me time moving the files back and forth, and I could just update the feed when I change products around and google would reflect that change automatically!

If anyone has any advice on the files I could change to make this a reality it would be very helpful!

11 years ago
1. Find and open the following file:  ~Administration/Modules/Froogle.ascx.cs

2. Find the following line:  

string fileName = string.Format("froogle_{0}.xml", DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm-ss"));

3.  Change this line to:

string fileName = string.Format("froogle_feed.xml");

where "froogle_feed.xml" is the static name you want the file to be called.
11 years ago
thanks diggers!

That's a big time server...I'm all over it!
11 years ago
ha meant: **saver** no pun intended...
11 years ago
I'm assuming I have to re-build (not just edit the file in FTP?)
11 years ago
Yes, you'll need to rebuild and then upload the new NopCommerceStore.dll, .pdb, .xml files and the Froogle.ascx file.
11 years ago
One should not upload .pdb files unless needed for debugging.
11 years ago
I've made a couple of mods to the Froogle output recently - partly to improve speed/decrease memory usage and partly to provide a static url for fetching the froogle output which will update automatically.

This can be see at :

I've sent this to the NOP team so hopefully it might make it into the next release.

11 years ago

Very cool! What's the best way I should download the source for this (if your offering it?) So I can check it out? I'm interested in implementing some plug-ins for nopCom. similar to the plugin system that is popular in "Zen Cart" so I'm very interested in checking this out.
11 years ago
A really good plug-in system for NopCommerce would be very, very useful. However the changes I have made are to the core code.

The slightly modified changes I made are now in the main source for NopCommerce on CodePlex, look for froogle.ashx in the site and the froogle assembly in libraries.