Setting up FROOGLE

11 years ago

Good stuff! How are you skills with modifying the source code for the nopCommerce core system???

I am getting some money together to develop a C# based plugin using a piece of compliance and reporting software that needs some open-source adaptations and I think nop would be a good place to start since the service is based on a C# .NET services stack!

Do you have a website???
11 years ago
I don't have a personal website, never got around to setting one up.

I've worked for the same company for almost 10 years now, working with c# & from the early betas so I don't have any problem modifying the Nop core source.
That said, the only Nop site I've worked on - so far - is for my wife ( I've made various small changes to improve performance and ensure the right features are there.

I did modify one of the shipping extensions - although it was more of a merge it in with the core source and recompile, so I would definitely like to see/build a much better plug-in/add-in/extension api.