Car Part store needs search design help

8 years ago
Hello Guys,

We're doing a car parts store based on NOP for our client, it has search feature based on make/model/type of the car, has anyone done similar work? What's the best logic design for this feature in NOP? Any experience to share? Thanks a lot!

8 years ago
You probably need to customize whatever screen you're going to put this on (main page, catalog view, search), maybe with a partial view or something.  You would do cascading dropdowns similar to country/state on the address pages.

You would have 3:


Make starts off with a list of all the manufacturers you support (Honda, Ford, etc).  When that is changed, you do an ajax request back to the server to get all the models for that make.  Then you put them in the model dropdown.  When the model is changed, you do the same thing and get all the years for that model.  Once the year is selected, you have everything you need.

You probably also want to add a table that links to ProductVariant that specifies what cars it is valid for.  The structure of that would probably be something like CarModelId, StartYear, EndYear.  An example record for a Jeep Wrangler bumper would look like:  

CarModelId:  16 (whatever it ends up being)
StartYear: 2001
EndYear: 2009

Then your query for a 2005 Wrangler would be able to pick up that ProductVariant.
7 years ago
Hi, I'm working on trying to achieve the same functionality. Have you succeeded at it?
7 years ago
I'm working on a solution for something similar.  A lot of MVC and nopCommerce architecture to learn first. I have a partial solution working but the post-backs and database table look-up is taking me a while to figure out.  In WinForms this would be easy.  In MVC it's another story.
7 years ago
I also have a partial solution but it's the logic and the data model changes that present an issue. It seems that a lot of people are trying to achieve this functionality and we all have to create our own forks of the solution for the same thing. This should probably be included out of the box with as many times it has been mentioned/requested by people in the forums.

As I mentioned I have a partial solution which takes care of the UI. What code and data model changes do I need to make to enable searching by product attributes with cascading dropdowns(Make/Model/Year)?

I appreciate any help on this.
7 years ago
I am looking for the same ....

Will this help :

Source code is downloadable
7 years ago
I am also looking for the Make / model / year solution. would be willing to go in with others to pay someone to provide the functionality. Anyone interested in making this  plugin or widget?
7 years ago
Hello, I am looking on completing a solution for this as well.  I have the database/entity framework piece complete for my plugin, so just need to UI piece for the front end and admin.  Would anyone like a collaboration on this?
7 years ago
To anyone wanting the Year/Make/Model functionality described above for their web site I should have the plugin available shortly.

Please post a PM with your contact email if you want to discuss further.

ps. Regarding the "Attribute Combinations and out of stock" discussed elsewhere I've updated it to v3.20 and added ColorSwatch selection.

Dec 2013: YMM plugin completed (vertical, horizontal layouts)
5 years ago
To anyone who's looking for a YMM search,

That GoRoos guy has one for sale..

He wants you to contact him at his: [email protected] email.

He wants $600 for the plugin, which includes the source... Just so you guys know.