MSSQL Provider V2. Performance Optimization.

6 years ago
We have made new improvement.
We rewrited PriceCalculationService.

If you are using a discount Your pages will load faster.
If you are not using discounts the speed does not change.

To update the plugin:

    Backup database.

    Save the old version of the plugin elsewhere.

    Replace the plugin folder by the new version.

    Reboot your website.

After rebooting the website, the module itself will update all settings by running script Update.

No need to UnInstall and then Install the plugin.
6 years ago
Added support version 3.30.
6 years ago
Version 2
Logic of operations with such actions as Catalog, Manufacturer, Vendor, CategoryNavigation is rewritten.

For NopCommerce version 3.30
240 products in the one category. Each product has 20 ProductVariants. 60 products on one page. Example. Your customer opens this category page.

First launch
CatalogController:Category. duration=00:00:01.1357422
Second launch
CatalogController:Category. duration=00:00:00.5986328

After plug-in installation (via Stored Procedures)
First launch
CatalogController:Category. duration=00:00:00.6396484
Second launch
CatalogController:Category. duration=00:00:00.2910157

Plugin works ONLY on MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2008R2/2012.

Compatible for NopCommerce 3.2/3.3
5 years ago
Added support version 3.40.
5 years ago
With all the performance improvements in 3.4, could you share an updated benchmark list like you did for the previous versions?
5 years ago
We plan to do benchmark for version 3.40 next week.
NopCommerce 3.40 has a very good performance.
5 years ago
Benchmarks for NopCommerce version 3.50.
240 products in the same category. Each product has 20 subproducts (ProductVariant). 60 products per page. Store has 2 languages. User opens the category (CatalogController: Category).

Settings: Acl, StoreLimitations, Discounts, disabled Cache product prices.
NopCommerce  First launch  00:00:01.8339843
NopCommerce  Second launch  00:00:00.9091797
NopMSSQLProvider  First launch  00:00:00.9169922
NopMSSQLProvider  Second launch  00:00:00.3916016
Settings: Acl StoreLimitations IgnoreDiscounts, disabled Cache product prices
NopCommerce  First launch  00:00:01.7158203
NopCommerce  Second launch  00:00:00.5781250
NopMSSQLProvider  First launch  00:00:00.9218750
NopMSSQLProvider  Second launch  00:00:00.3427734
Settings: IgnoreAcl IgnoreStoreLimitations IgnoreDiscounts, disabled Cache product prices
NopCommerce  First launch  00:00:01.5937500
NopCommerce  Second launch  00:00:00.5888672
NopMSSQLProvider  First launch  00:00:00.8867188
NopMSSQLProvider  Second launch  00:00:00.3935547
Settings: IgnoreAcl IgnoreStoreLimitations IgnoreDiscounts, enabled Cache product prices
NopCommerce  First launch  00:00:01.5976563
NopCommerce  Second launch  00:00:00.4365234
NopMSSQLProvider  First launch  00:00:00.9501953
NopMSSQLProvider  Second launch  00:00:00.3740235
5 years ago
Added support version 3.60.
4 years ago
Added support version 3.70.
3 years ago
Added support version 3.80.