Adding FLASH with XML file

11 years ago
I want to embed a flash image rotator into the HTML section of certain pages. So I suppose my question is multi-part.
In order for the file to run it needs the SWF and als an XML file. The XML file contains the filename of the images that rotate and other info. Bu I have to add some <script> tags in the header.

1. Where/how can I edit the page to add the <script> tags I need for run the flash rotator?
2. What folder(directory) can I store the XML files needed? Can I access these folder from within the admin area or only via FTP?

Thanks for any help or advice.

11 years ago
1. try the master page.
2. you would need to use ftp to put the files in place on your server (assuming it is remote) and your rotator component would need to point to the folder... there's currently no way to manage it from the admin screens.