ShortMessage: DPRP is disabled. ErrorCode: 11586

7 years ago

I have create PayPal Account for recurring Payment with following step.

step-1 - Creating a test-only Payflow account

1.Go to
2.Click Continue
3.Choose a unique merchant login, and note that it *is* case sensitive.
4.Fill out the rest of the form, leaving "Processor" at the default value (FDMS Nashville)
5.On the next page, click the blue "Login to PayPal Manager", NOT the Continue button.
6.Again: do not click "Continue" to activate the account!! This is for testing, you don’t want to be billed.

step-2 Creating a test Business account in the sandbox

1.Visit and sign in with any live paypal account (create your own if you as a developer don't have one)
2.Click on the Applications tab, then select Sandbox accounts on the left
3.Click Create Account
4.Set the "Account Type" to Business
5.The "Email address" field is slightly misleading, as real emails will never be sent. Choose something unique and descriptive such as [email protected]
6.For the Password, use 123456789 or some other trivial password you won’t forget.
7.Click Create Account at the bottom - this may take a minute.
8.Select the email address of the account you just created and copy it to your clipboard.

step 3- set credential under head of Payment Method -> NopCommerce PayPal Direct.

After all setting when i am try to test particular product with Recurring Process i am getting below error.

"Payment error: LongMessage: DPRP is disabled for this merchant. ShortMessage: DPRP is disabled. ErrorCode: 11586"

Please help me if anyone knows

Thanks in Advance.
6 years ago
Hi @sbshah:

I had this same issue.  After further investigation, I found out that nopCommerce integrates with PayPal's "legacy" PayPal Pro platform for recurring payments.  You need to call PayPal and request them to setup a new account for you on their legacy platform.  The PayPal Pro support people are aware of this situation as other carts also still integrate with their older platform for recurring payments so they should understand your issue, as long as you get the right department at PayPal on the phone.

5 years ago
3 years ago
If you want to do recurring payments using the "PayPal Direct" plugin Included in the Distribution you fail !!

Payment error: LongMessage: DPRP is disabled for this merchant. ShortMessage: DPRP is disabled. ErrorCode: 11586

This will continue until a plugin is developed to integrate with "PlayFlow" version of PayPal Pro.

The PlugIn "PayPal Direct" provided with the Distribution Supports "DPRP" which is no longer
the default when enrolling for PayPal Pro

You can make special arrangements with PayPal Sales @ 877-455-1505 to set up a legacy version
of PayPal Pro that supports the  "PayPal Direct" Plugin but you must do this BEFORE you sign up.

The Downside  is that version Cost $30/month plus an Additional $30/month for PayPal to Auto-Process recurring payments.

The current version of PayPal Pro Cost $30/month but the additional fee is only $10/month  for PayPal to Auto-Process recurring payments.

That is a $20 * 12 or $240 a year penalty.

Seem like a market opportunity for a "PlayFlo" plugin