Plugins settings

7 years ago

I have Create one Custom Plugins with following step.

1) I go in the Plugins Folder ->right Click on it -> Add new Project and select new Class File with name of "Nop.Plugin.Payments.PayPalDirectTest".

2) I have change the Debug Output path and set "..\..\Presentation\Nop.Web\Plugins\Payments.PayPalDirectTest\"

3)Next i have copy the  whole file of "Nop.Plugin.Payments.PayPalDirect" and paste into the my custom plugins "Nop.Plugin.Payments.PayPalDirectTest"

4) Change the setting in "Description.txt" file with below setting.

   Group: Payment methods
   FriendlyName: Credit Card
   SystemName: Payments.PayPalDirectTest
   Version: 1.13
   SupportedVersions: 2.80
   Author: nopCommerce team
   DisplayOrder: 1
   FileName: Nop.Plugin.Payments.PayPalDirectTest.dll

5) After then when i build the Project it can not create DLL in to Plugins folder

Can any one have any idea!!!

Thanks in Advance!!
7 years ago
Did you change namespace of all classes?
7 years ago
Yes i have change the namespace of all the class as well
7 years ago
Did you change the output path under debug and release?  If so, try searching for the DLL.  If you're building the project and there's no DLL you should get an error.  Getting it to show up under NopCommerce is different but you're saying there's no DLL.