Please help me with setting..

6 years ago
Hi !
Can you help me??
I have to build an offer that would oblige the customer to have 2 products in the cart, so I set the article, but does not automatically insert the second product in the cart. how come?
For information, we use NOP-TEMPLATE theme..
6 years ago
Have you set these fields on the Product?

Require other products added to the cart:  

Required product IDs:

Automatically add these products to the cart:
6 years ago
Yes.. I did...
6 years ago
Was this ever resolved?
I am having the same issue.
Set the fields, and just receive a red banner that the other product needs to be added.
6 years ago
To clarify - I am using nop3.1
6 years ago
I figured it out. The Product that must be added (second product) must also be 'Published'.
I had it set to not Published as I didn't want it to show in search results.