translations the language to local language

10 years ago
I have converted  into the local language means language to share with you.

1. input the ResourceStrings.xml to excel.
2. translations the "Value" column string.
3. run the "CreateStringFile" macro, create name is "String.txt" a text file in the current directory.
4. Copy ResourceStrings.xml the file of the first row and last row to  String.txt
5. Modify the first line of language strings for your language.
6. MoModify the file name suffix .xml.

Congratulations, your localized language file is created.
10 years ago
vba code for excel:

Private Declare Function PathFileExists Lib "shlwapi.dll" Alias "PathFileExistsA" (ByVal pszPath As String) As Long
Sub CreateStringFile()
    Dim x As Integer
    Dim TheFile As String
    TheFile = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\String.txt"
    If CBool(PathFileExists(TheFile)) Then Kill (TheFile)
    For x = 2 To 886
          Open TheFile For Append As #1
          Print #1, "<LocaleResource Name=" & Chr(34) & Cells(x, 3) & Chr(34) & ">"
    '      Write #1, aa
          Print #1, "<Value>" & Cells(x, 4) & "</Value>"
          Print #1, "</LocaleResource>"
          Close '      Reset
    Next x

End Sub