When is the next released planned with multistore?

10 years ago
When is the next released planned with multistore and multilingual entities (include italian language)?
10 years ago
I was getting ready to create a new store too and was wondering when the next version would be released as well.
10 years ago
The next version will be release in March but it'll not include multistore support.
10 years ago
And will be incluyed multilingual support for products and categories?

10 years ago
How about editing orders and/or providing shipping tracking information to customers via email when fullfilling orders from the admin interface?
10 years ago
These options will be implemented
10 years ago
It would be great to see have an option to email customers that the order has shipped only when tracking id was entered (if delivery service has tracking).

Also, very useful features would be:
- orders that don't have tracking IDs are visualized in the admin orders list and have input boxes to bulk-enter tracking IDs
- order status can be bulk-changed in the order list page for several orders at once
- order status changes can be reversed
- sending emails to customer is optional (a checkbox)
- support for automatic/manual refunds with separate "Refunded" order status (worldpay/paypal/etc)
- support for "On Hold" order status where stock is reserved for a customer, but payment is deferred
- support for "On Hold (PAID)" order status where order is paid for, but delivery is deferred
- quickly creating orders from the admin page/adding order details
- customers can pay for other people's orders without having to log into their accounts
- synchronizing stock levels between stores via WCF

Pls let us know if any of those features are planned to come out soon!
10 years ago
Hi could you confirm that was a YES to "multilingual support for products and categories"??
10 years ago
We haven't decided yet whether to include "multilingual support for products and categories" in the next release
10 years ago
OK thanks - Well I'll just hope you do!