Feature: localize order.pdf name + order numbering

6 years ago
I would suggest to have localized order.pdf name so that users can identify that as something meaning full. Also the number might be formatted for me with trailing zero's and or a prefix.

Sample code below [not tested yet]. No number prefix implemented since it would touch too much code. But for pdf done.

var orderPlacedAttachmentFilePath = _orderSettings.AttachPdfInvoiceToOrderPlacedEmail ?
                            _pdfService.PrintOrderToPdf(order, 0) : null;
                        var orderPlacedAttachmentFileName = _orderSettings.AttachPdfInvoiceToOrderPlacedEmail ?
                            string.Format("{0}-{1}.pdf", _localizationService.GetResource("QE.Customer.Pdfname", order.CustomerLanguageId), order.Id.ToString("D10")) : null;
                        int orderPlacedCustomerNotificationQueuedEmailId = _workflowMessageService
                            .SendOrderPlacedCustomerNotification(order, order.CustomerLanguageId, orderPlacedAttachmentFilePath, orderPlacedAttachmentFileName);
                        if (orderPlacedCustomerNotificationQueuedEmailId > 0)
6 months ago
Did you ever make this work ? I am looking for this...