add 'profile' and 'latest posts' tabs to account.aspx

6 years ago
I was trying to look  through some of my old posts so the first thing i did was click my username at the top of the screen which takes you to :

but there is no link to my old posts here so i had to find one of the forum topics i'd created / contributed to and click my username to get to what i wanted ie

so, my suggestion is add some new tabs to account.aspx  to list the info from profile.aspx ( contributions is already there )

as a separate suggestion, it'd be useful if there was an option in the search function to search only posts that the logged in user had subscribed to - that way we could quickly find topics we'd created/responded to previously

eg extra option in advanced search     'Limit results to my posts'

Andrei, I'm sure you'd find  this would save you time too :-)
6 years ago
Hi Hayden,

Sure. Thanks a lot for suggestion. I've just created a work item
6 years ago
And here we go. The new "My forum posts" tab has been added to "my account" page
6 years ago
Looks good Andrei...thanks
1 year ago
Is this feature included in a nopCommerce 4.00 installation?