Changing the kendoui theme in the latest source code commit

6 years ago

i want to change the theme of NOPs admin from the default to the moonlight theme,

i am using the latest source code commit as of this morning,

i have checked the _Adminlayout.cshtml and cant see anywhere like .stylesheetregistrar,

Can anyone help on this one?
6 years ago

for anyone looking to do this its here:


    Change this line ---> Html.AppendCssFileParts("~/Content/kendo/2013.3.1119/kendo.moonlight.min.css"); <------

Theme names can be found here:

6 years ago
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4 years ago

    //Html.AppendCssFileParts(string.Format("~/Content/kendo/{0}/kendo.default.min.css", kendoVersion));
    Html.AppendCssFileParts(string.Format("~/Content/kendo/{0}/kendo.flat.min.css", kendoVersion));