Moving from HTTP to HTTPS for site

11 years ago
I've been testing on HTTP and need to move to HTTPS.
I've got the cert installed and confiured in IIS; still using both port 80 and 443.
When I request I get redirected to (note the protocol switches back to HTTP).

I tried setting the site name in Global settings to HTTPS://...
and have checked the box for SSL on the security section of administration.
Neither one of these configuration settings made any difference at all!

What am I missing?
11 years ago
1. Opeb web.config file
2. Find 'UseSSL' attribute and set its value to 'true'
1 month ago
I am experiencing errors redirecting from http to https for about-us.aspx and Products pages , other all pages working fine. I am using Umbraco 1.8

I have followed all steps to make the changes

any help would be much appreciated  

Thanks and regards