Time needed to create a store and skin?

10 years ago

I hope someone can help me on this? I'm sure just about anyone on this messageboard could!

How much time should I allow for creating a store, adding all relevant pages (excluding products and categories) with nopcommerce, custom skinning it (excluding the design time) and intergrating with paypal?

Obivouly this depends on skill level, I've got 8 years dev experience with .Net and 10 with CSS and HTML - although I've not implemented a nopcommerce store before I have "played around" with out on my server here but not for a huge amount of time.

Thanks in advance for any help!
10 years ago
it completely depends on your requirements
nopcommerce is already integrated with paypal and many other payment methods so i guess you don't have to do anything
and taking about skins n themes , you can download it from : https://www.nopcommerce.com/Extensions/4/templates-and-themes.aspx

many pages are already there in nopcommerce that takes care of many requirements but if you need to create more pages you can create them dynamically in nopcommerce within few minutes

I hope this information will save some of your time...
10 years ago
I'll check out the skins...

So just being more general, how much time would you allow to get a nopcommerce site up and running?... I'm only looking for a rough time estimate based on others experiences.

10 years ago
well as i said earlier, it completely depends on your requirements and needs
but still if you are satisfied with all the features of nopCommerce and don't wanna change anything , just import your data and images and this could be done within 1 or 2 days depends how much data / products you have
once data is uploaded , set up the pre-integrated payment method, SMTP service and  you're good to launch the website...
10 years ago
OK thanks for the info!
10 years ago
Custom skinning can take some time.  Really depends on how closely the new design matches the existing nop layout.  I would allow a week for custom skinning.
10 years ago
Thanks Skiltz I'll take it on board.