The Project type is not supported by this installtaion

6 years ago
Hello All,

I have install visual studio 2013 for Nopcommerce 3.30 after that i want to open nopcommerce 2.65 project in visual studio 2010 it's telling me "The Project type is not supported by this installtaion" .

Please help me.

6 years ago
You can open VS 2013 and then open your 2.65 version. If you want to open it with 2010 you should first to open 2.65 project with notepad ++ and    to see a first few rows. It looks like you have opened your 2.65 version with VS 2013, it converted it and added some records into the project file. Try to change a version of VS, to save and open it again with VS 2010.