GIF thumbnail quality in 3.30

6 years ago
networkfusion wrote:
Is it right that the plugin only targets the project?


networkfusion wrote:
Windiff is also showing that webactivator is not copied across to the bin folder as well?!

I've just cloned source code from codeplex. Both of these DLLs are copied to output when building. Try clearing and re-building the solution. If it does not help (really weird), then manually add them to Nop.Web project as references
5 years ago

We are also running v3.30 and have the same issue.  I cannot find the changeset the url doesn't seem to work.  I understand this is probably fixed in 3.40, but it would create a huge task for us at the moment, so I am hoping to find a fix for v3.30.

Also is the problem the same for other image formats (JPG, PNG, etc)

5 years ago
MillerSolutions wrote:
I cannot find the changeset the url doesn't seem to work

please see changeset 70b04c197967 (chnageset numbers were changed after moving to Git from Mercurial)
8 months ago
It seems we are having the same problem with the gif images.. We have Just upgrade our site from 3.9 to the very last version 4.2 but we have noticed that now the gif images have a worst definition from the 3.9 version. Have a look at the follow url

Any idea how to fix it
Thank you for your help
8 months ago
Another question.. In the 4,2 version doesn't exist the bin directory anymore? I cannot find it in the entire site..maybe that's why my gif images are worst than ever