Minimum memory requirements for Nopcommerce

6 years ago
Hi, we have developed an ecommerce site using nopcommerce v3.1 and deployed it to a shared hosting.
Then we started having problems because of the memory consume, between 400/600MB. The hosting provider said the normal consume is about 50-100MB for websites in their shared hosting services.
I have other nopcommerce sites (older, v1.9) and they consume 50-100MB.
The shop has about 1600 products but I have tested with clean installations of nopcommerce, using versions 3.1 and 3.3 and even without products, they consume more than 400MB, using IIS7 and SQL Server Express 2012 in my development machine.
So i think that there is a memory leak in the startup of the project, may be it doesnt release the memory in each request.
I have search in the forums, but i havent come with a solution yet.
So i wonder if 400-600MB is the minimum memory for a installation of nopcommerce, so i would have to migrate to a virtual server. Anyway, I think is too much for a shop even without products.
Is there any configuration tweak or deactivating some option to lower this memory usage?
6 years ago
NopCommerce <2.6 version takes less memory.
If you not have a lot traffic it should take minimum 300mb of memory. So it should be around 300-400, not more.

One very important thing. You need to check your bad bots traffic. Usually when you look into analytics it display less.

Check if you get spam or someone parse your website.
You should analyze your traffic. Sign up for free plan at

You should move your website to another hosting company or take VPS. You can ask other hosting providers how many memory application pool they allow.
6 years ago
Thanks for the reply. I understand about the bots, but the tests i have made are not public, are in my development machine using Nopcommerce versions 3.1 and 3.3 just downloading the source code and publishing (release mode) to a site in ISS7 on Windows7 using SQL Server Express 2012 as the database.
The start up of the web are in both cases about 400MB even without products.
My question is if this is something normal for nopcommerce that we have to accept and move to a virtual server or there is some configuration tweak, bug to fix, deactivating some options to lower this memory usage?
6 years ago
Yes, it should be normal for these versions. Try to deactivate some plugins and test on live hosting.
6 years ago

I've had the same problem. I've been running nop commerce since version 1.8 for a couple of websites. I have just decided to move to 3+ (3.3) and now I have noticed a distinct increase in the use of memory for the application.

A clean install used around 200MB, however as soon as I added our 150 products the hosting solution we have will not support nopcommerce (It runs around 400MB).

We've been hosting with ASPNetHosting since we started using NOP and now with the new version they need more money to allow us to use the same solution we had with them before. ASPNetHosting are a Silver partner of NopCommerce, so surely they were made aware of the changes.

This memory upgrade has given us a real headache, as the additional costs, to move to their Special Plan, is double what we spend a year, it also limits the application pool to 512MB and from what I have seen this may not even be enough. I'm thinking of downgrading the solution to 2.6, but having spent two weeks solid getting the data in to the new version that's going to be a real pain.

Does anyone know of any nophosting provider who actually supports what NopCommerce requires and for a sensible amount (UK or EU hosting preferred)


6 years ago
I don't think downgrade is the best solution.
I would suggest to get VPS instead, most likely we will see improvements in the future. VPS allows you to set unlimited application pool memory usage. Don't forget to change your application pool settings in I is.
6 years ago
VPS - Virtual Private Server? Has anyone experience of the overhead of using this? Also it will be in addition to the hosting cost for SQL Server database!
6 years ago
6 years ago
Can anybody please apply the changeset 51cf96ce8d4d and test it out on your hosting? Please let me know if memory consumption is dropped
6 years ago
I have tested the changeset in Nopcommerce 3.30 and i think it is the same.
App pool marks 380MB and near 500MB if i log in and enter administration.
This is the clean site without products. Note that i have not put the try catch block and gives no errors.