Mutlisite install with custom Topics

6 years ago
Hi guys,

I not entirely sure if this is a bug or I am misunderstanding how this works, but have a 3.3 multi site install which I would like to use custom topic pages for subdomain sites.  (using the default topic pages) (which use a custom topic page or default pages)

The issue I appear to be having is when I create a new topic page such as "about us" the url created is

The problem is when I go to and click on the about us link (using the default theme) the page is not found as it is looking for /about-us not about-us-2

I would have expected that with a multi site install I should be able to have the same topic name for different subdomains. Is this not correct.

Any comments would be appreciated.

6 years ago
You will notice there is no ability to do the topics by store. So you need to create new and edit footer view, and I usually give different names for everything so I don't get mixed up when I add more stores.

Change the footer in the theme.

<a href="@Url.RouteUrl("Topic", new { SystemName = "aboutus" })">@T("AboutUs")</a>

Change the system name to the new one in new topic created and change the @T parameter to what value you give the field in the localeStringResource.ResourceName field. The Resource value field is the text that will show in link in footer.  That is you need to insert a record into the localeStingResource table.
6 years ago
Hi Jeff,

In version 3.03 there is an option for limiting stores to a topic page via the store tab when editing a topic.

My problem is I would like the a number of topics pages with the same name and url so I can have different page content depending on the store. for example an "about us page" for each store.

Any thoughts?
6 years ago
Are you using the same theme for every store? or does each store have its own theme.  The snippet above is what I put in each theme for each store, and I control the footer links(and they all look the same in each store) by store by theme.
When you click that link in the footer it has to know what topic page to render.  That's what the little process above does.

You can look at the footer links in mine and see if it's what you are trying to do.

Each one of my stores can be hit from it's own URL or accessed through the parent brand site.  But I think it's what you are trying to do with topics.